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BDV and Envoy Global Frequently Asked Questions

This resource contains a variety of information and commonly asked questions we’ve seen from other BDV users. You can use the categories listed below to quickly navigate to any sections which may contain the information you’re looking for.

Please be aware that this resource contains many links to other relevant Envoy Global FAQs, such as pages about platform navigation or specific case types. We encourage you to click into these resources to help answer additional questions you may not find on this page. If you have questions at any time, please feel free to contact Envoy Customer Experience for assistance!

***This resource is intended to support individuals whose green card cases have completed the PERM process with BDV directly. After the ETA-9089 is Certified and signed, BDV will commence the process for creating an Envoy account, where any subsequent cases will be opened and processed. If you have not received and signed the Certified PERM (ETA-9089) to sign, please direct all questions to your BDV point of contact directly.


BDV let me know that I’ll be working with Envoy – what can I expect?

What is the relationship between BDV and Envoy Global?

BDV Solutions, LLC is an employment placement agency that connects employers with potential immigrant workers. BDV assists with connecting you with a future employer and initiates the first steps of the green card process. You can find more information on BDV here: https://www.bdvsolutions.com/

After the PERM is Certified and signed, BDV notifies Envoy to initiate applying for the green card with USCIS. Envoy Global supplies a technology platform to streamline the immigration process, and the legal team prepares all casework and can answer your legal questions. For more information about Envoy Global and the legal team: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/employee-faq-onboarding-faqs/

Where do I direct my questions?

Within your Envoy account, there are a few distinct parties involved in the immigration process. There is the legal team, the Envoy Customer Experience Team at Envoy, and BDV. The table below details who can answer specific types of questions:

Point of Contact 
Type of question 
How to Contact

Envoy Customer Experience (CX) 

Non-legal Questions 


Live Chat (lower right of your account) 

**Live support from 8AM-6PM CST 

The Legal Team

Legal Questions 

  • Questions about your Current Status  
  • Ability to Travel  
  • Change of Address  
  • Visa Stamping 

Your Communication Center 

   *U.S.-inbound inquiries 


  • PERM (ETA-9089) Filing Questions 
  • Payments made to BDV directly 
Contact BDV through the YOW Portal

**Note, if you are contacting CX outside of business hours and need to leave a message, please be sure to include your Envoy account number. You can find your account number in your account invitation or within your account to the left of the landing page.

If you have a question and are unsure who to ask, then Envoy Customer Experience can help! We’ll be able to answer anything non-legal in nature, and if anything is legal, we can quickly help you to contact the legal team directly.


If you’re new to using the Envoy platform, you can find information on what to expect below. Please also review some of our FAQs for new users here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/employee-faq-onboarding-faqs/

I signed the ETA-9089 page – what happens with that document?

After signing the ETA-9089 signature page, you should have sent the document back to BDV. This is part of the Certified PERM process. Once BDV receives the ETA-9089 signed signature page, they will send a signed copy to the legal team. The legal team will retain this document so that they can apply it to the I-140 case.

For more information on the documents required for the I-140: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/i-140-for-perm-based-green-cards/#documents

When can I expect to receive an invitation to my Envoy account?

Please note that BDV must receive the signed ETA-9089 from you before they will initiate the process with Envoy. After you receive a Welcome Email from Envoy Customer Experience, you will also receive an account invitation from noreply@envoyglobal.com. If you require any help with login after receiving an account invitation, Envoy Customer Experience will best be able to assist you.

For any questions relating to accessing your Envoy account, you can find some troubleshooting tips here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/employee-faq-onboarding-faqs/#howlogin

When will cases be opened in my Envoy account?

Cases will be opened after you have accepted your Envoy account invitation and e-sign your legal team Retention Agreement sent via DocuSign. Please note, it may take up to 3-5 business days for cases to be initiated, and you will be notified when any cases are opened in your account. To ensure you receive notifications from the platform, please add noreply@envoyglobal.com to your email contacts.

While I wait for cases to be opened in my account, what can I do?

Some personal documents and information can be provided as soon as you log into your Envoy account. We encourage you to provide any relevant documents and information even before a case is opened as much of this information will populate into future cases opened in your account. By providing documents and information early, you can help get the case to the legal team as soon as possible.

Account profile:

If you navigate to the Account tab in the upper right side of your Envoy account, you can provide some general information, including contact information, passport details and immigration status (if you’re inside the U.S.). Note that you may be required to upload supporting documents in order to save certain information. Please fill these sections out to the best of your ability; you can always provide any relevant information directly to the case after it is opened.

Document Library:

It is important to note that placeholders in the Personal Documents are not required, but the legal team will almost always require certain documents for case processing, specifically: your passport; visa stamps and any other documents confirming your status; and documents related to your education (Diploma(s) and Transcripts/Marksheets). Even if you upload those documents to your document library, you must also upload them to any requests in your specific case(s).

Now the case has been opened in my account – what do I need to know?

Please log into your Envoy account (app.envoyglobal.com) to review open cases and see if any action is required. Envoy Customer Experience can also assist you with any questions you may have. Some common actions needed may include:

***Before seeing any action items related to a case, you’ll be prompted to review and agree to a Retention Agreement. These agreements include information on the immigration-related services that the legal team will provide. The legal team will provide legal services solely in connection with the U.S. immigration matter(s) you have initiated with the legal team and in relation to your agreement with Envoy. After you’ve agreed to these terms and any other information, you will be taken to the Case Overview to complete any relevant action items.

Will you open cases for my dependents in my Envoy account?

Separate cases will be needed for your dependents. You can find more information on dependents in your Envoy account here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/employee-faq-dependents/

Envoy Customer Experience will email you directly if you indicate in the questionnaire that you have dependent family members. You are also welcome to contact the team if you have any questions. After any necessary dependent cases are opened in your Envoy account, please refer to the guidance below on the actions you can expect to complete.

What cases will Envoy be processing for me?

The legal team will be preparing specific cases that are required in order to obtain a green card. All applicants will have an I-140 case opened for them, and then either an I-485 or a Consular case depending on where they intend to apply for the green card. You may require additional cases based on what is needed for you or your dependents. Please review the below for more information on the types of cases you can expect to see opened in your Envoy account.

I-140 Cases

The I-140 is the first step in applying for the green card with USCIS after the PERM is certified. You can find more detailed information on a PERM-based I-140 case here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/i-140-for-perm-based-green-cards/

Common Documents:

For a list of commonly requested documents, please click here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/i-140-for-perm-based-green-cards/#documents

To note, if you held a student or internship status, you may also need to provide the below:

  • All prior I-20 ID (if you hold or previously held an F-1 status)
  • All prior DS-2019 forms (if you hold or previously held a J-1 status)

Will the I-140 case be filed with Premium Processing?

The legal team will determine if the I-140 case should be filed with Premium Processing based on a variety of factors concerning your placement company. You can confirm if a case includes Premium Processing by checking the Case Details section of the I-140 case.

I-485 Cases

The I-485, or Adjustment of Status, is the actual green card application if applicants are inside of the U.S. Please review the below section on consular processing – Immigrant cases if you are outside of the U.S. You can find more information on the I-485 process here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/i-485-adjustment-of-status-faqs/

At this stage, your qualifying dependent family members are eligible to file for the Adjustment of Status with you. Please see below for more information on dependent cases.

Common Documents:

For a list of commonly requested documents, please click here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/i-485-adjustment-of-status-faqs/#documents


For any international travel plans, you should always post to your Communication Center to notify the legal team, and they will advise on whether travel is recommended and on anything else you should know. Please always provide as much detail as possible, such as any anticipated travel dates, your destination(s), and the purpose of your travel.

For more information on travel while the I-485 is pending, please review the table which outlines certain risks here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/i-485-adjustment-of-status-faqs/#travel-advisory

How do I prepare for the interview?

The legal team will send you specific information on what you can expect after your green card interview has been scheduled. You can also review a list of common documents and expectations in our I-485 FAQ here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/i-485-adjustment-of-status-faqs/#interview-processing-times

If you are interested in additional support for the interview, please review the options for this in our ‘Additional Services’ section below.

Employment Authorization Document (EAD)/Advance Parole (AP)

The EAD (I-765) and AP (I-131) are included in the initial I-485 case in your Envoy account. When approved together, this results in the EAD/AP Combo Card. You can find more commonly asked questions about the EAD/AP combo card, such as documents needed and processing times, here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/ead-ap-faqs/

If you need to renew the EAD/AP Combo Card, then separate I-765 and I-131 cases will be opened in your Envoy account, and you will be responsible for the charges. Envoy Customer Experience can assist you with opening any renewal cases for you or your family members.

Consular cases

If you are applying for your green card while you are outside of the U.S., you will see a consular processing – Immigrant case opened in your Envoy account. You can find more information, such as the process and dependents here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/consular-processing-immigrant-faqs/

Common Documents:

For a list of commonly requested documents, please click here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/consular-processing-immigrant-faqs/#documents

How do I make the NVC Payment?

The NVC Fee is a filing fee that requires payment on the government website in order to submit the Consular Assistance case. Envoy Global will complete payment to the NVC on your behalf. BDV users SHOULD NOT complete payment directly to the NVC. After payment for the NVC Filing Fee is completed in your Envoy account, the legal team will use these funds to complete payment to the NVC on your behalf.


If you have dependent family members who need to apply for the green card, they should remain eligible to apply with you so long as they meet the necessary requirements:

  • Spouse: always eligible
  • Children: so long as they are unmarried and under the age of 21 at the time of their interview
  • Stepchildren: if unmarried, under the age of 21 at the time of the interview, and under the age of 18 at the time the biological parent married the stepparent

If you are unsure on whether your dependent family members qualify or should apply for the green card, please post to your Communication Center.

If you have qualifying dependent family members who will require a case, Envoy Customer Experience will assist you with opening the appropriate cases. You will be responsible for all costs associated with your dependents’ cases. Please know that Envoy Customer Experience will always contact you with any of these charges or cases before anything is opened and billed to you in your Envoy account.

Please know that whether your dependents apply with an I-485 or at the consulate, the process will look very similar to yours as a primary applicant. You can review the resources below for more information on the case processes:

I-824 Cases

An I-824 case may be needed for your dependent(s) that are applying outside of the U.S. at a consulate abroad. You can find more information about the I-824 case here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/consular-processing-immigrant-faqs/#why-cpi-case

If you have any additional questions pertaining to the I-824 case, please post to the Communication Center in your Envoy Account. The legal team will be able to advise further on this type of case.

Refile Cases

If a case needs to be refiled, the legal team will let you know in your Communication Center. They will let you know if a Refile case is needed and request that you contact Envoy Customer Experience for assistance with opening a Refile case. Please note you will be responsible for the Filing Fees on any dependent refile case(s).

For questions relating to I-140 and I-485 refile cases, please post to the Communication Center so that the legal team can advise.


A Request for Evidence (RFE) is issued by USCIS if the reviewing officer determines that they will need more information before they are able to issue a final decision. If an RFE is issued on a case in your Envoy account, the legal team will review the RFE Notice and create placeholders for you to provide any supporting documents or information required for the RFE Response. You will be notified of any action required from you after the legal team has completed their review of the RFE.

Please know that RFEs have become increasingly common as USCIS has been reviewing cases with more scrutiny. Depending on the complexity of your RFE and if your employer must provide any information, it can take time to prepare a thorough RFE response.

I-485J Case

The legal team will determine if an I-485J case is required in your Envoy account. If an I-485J case has been opened in your Envoy Account, this will assist the legal team with preparing the necessary paperwork ahead of your interview. The legal team will contact you directly about the actions needed to take the I-485J and any other supporting documents to your interview.

If you have any additional questions pertaining to the I-485J case, please post to the Communication Center in your Envoy Account.

Service Letters

The legal team will determine if a Service Letter case is required in your Envoy account. Some common reasons for a Service Letter case might include, but are not limited to:

  • Employment verification letters prior to a Consular interview
  • Certain requests for I-765 processing

If a Service Letter case has been opened in your Envoy Account, this will assist the legal team with preparing the necessary paperwork ahead of your interview. The legal team will contact you directly about any actions needed for a Service Letter case. If you have any additional questions pertaining to a Service Letter case, please post to the Communication Center in your Envoy Account.

Additional services

Outside of case preparation, you may find that additional services are needed to apply for the green card. The below describes add-ons that you may potentially encounter when working with Envoy.


Any foreign language documents must be submitted with a certified English translation. The most common documents requiring translations include Marriage and Birth Certificates, and the legal team  will always evaluate whether a document should be translated for case processing.

If you have an English version of a document available, please upload it along with the original document in the foreign language. If you do not have a translation, Envoy offers a translation service, and Envoy Customer Experience can assist in coordinating. You can find more information on Translations and who can complete them here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/employee-faq-envoy-services/#translationrequired

Premium Processing

When any I-140 case is opened in your Envoy account, the BDV team will open the case with Premium Processing. You can verify if Premium Processing has been added to the case by reviewing the Case Details section of the I-140 case.

For more information on Premium Processing and how it impacts an I-140 filing: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/i-140-for-perm-based-green-cards/#premium-processing

If you have any questions about Premium Processing, please contact Envoy Customer Experience for further assistance.

Attorney Conference Calls

The legal team prefers that you first attempt to post any legal questions to your Communication Center; this is the fastest way to receive a response. If you would still like to schedule a conference call, it must be approved by the attorney and will generally be scheduled about a week in advance with the help Envoy Customer Experience.

For more information on directing your legal questions: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/employee-faq-legal-questions/

Attorney Accompanied Interview

Based on availability, an attorney may be able to attend your I-485 interview in person when it is scheduled inside of the U.S. If you are interested in this service, you will be responsible for a fixed case charge in addition to all travel and lodging expenses for the attorney. Please contact Envoy Customer Experience for more information.

Argo – Mock Interview: https://argo.envoyglobal.com/applicant/home

Envoy and BDV have partnered with an outside company, Argo, for all interview prep. If you are interested in pursuing this service, please visit https://argo.envoyglobal.com/. If you would like to prepare for the interview online, Argo can help with interview preparation. For further details regarding Argo’s interview prep service and pricing information, visit their website: https://argo.envoyglobal.com/

Billing Center

If you open any cases with Envoy or opt to use any add-on services which you are responsible for paying, then you will be able to pay Envoy directly using your Billing Center. Please know that payment is due upon case creation in your Envoy account, and pending payment will prevent the legal team from sending a case.

For more information on Billing and Payments, such as making payment, accessing receipts, or our refund policy, please review our FAQs here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-for-employees/employee-faq-billing-payments/

If you have any questions about completing payment to Envoy Global, please contact our Finance team at accountsreceivable@envoyglobal.com.

This section details many common legal questions from BDV users. Please know that this guidance may or may not pertain to you and your family members, so please do not act on any of the below items without first consulting the attorney. An attorney should always advise on your specific situation, and you can contact them in your Communication Center.

You can review our FAQs resource for contacting the legal team here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-for-employees/employee-faq-legal-questions/

The only requirements for the EB-3 unskilled visa are a labor certification and a full-time job offer. If you can do the job, and the company can show no American worker wants to do the job, then you meet the qualifications of the EB-3 green card. Your degree or prior job – whether as a doctor, lawyer, or scientist – is not relevant to this visa.

Please know that all EB-3 I-140 cases that BDV opens for you are for unskilled workers. These cases are processed in the same way as other EB-3 cases for skilled workers, and any pricing will remain consistent regardless of the type for EB-3 fling.

What are the advantages of applying for the I-485 Adjustment of Status inside the U.S. vs applying at a consulate abroad?

Some advantages of AOS include:

  • The ability to appeal decisions
  • The ability to apply for work authorization or Advanced Parole
  • No need to maintain nonimmigrant status
  • The ability to change positions within an employer or change jobs in a similar occupation classification
  • No police certificate requirement

Some disadvantages of an I-485 case include immigration violations such as unauthorized work which may render the applicant ineligible.

An attorney should always advise on your specific situation, and you can contact them in your Communication Center. You can review our FAQs resource for contacting the legal team here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-for-employees/employee-faq-legal-questions/

Address Changes

If you live inside of the U.S., you will need to update USCIS of any change in your residential address within 10 days of moving if there is a pending I-485, I-131, or I-765 that has been sent to the government. Informing USCIS can be done online here: https://www.uscis.gov/ar-11. If you have moved or will be moving, please post the following details to your Communication Center:

  • Your new residential address
  • The date/tentative date of your move

You can find more information on how to update the legal team here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/employee-faq-legal-questions/#iammoving

Individuals on an F-1 status should continue to maintain the F-1 status until their I-140 is approved and receipt notices for the I-485 have been received. Please see below for more information on this.

If I am adjusting status as an F-1 Student, when can I stop attending school?

A foreign national who resides in the U.S. on an F-1 student visa may generally stop attending school after the I-140 has been approved and after the I-485 Receipt Notice has been obtained from USCIS.

Can I work with the sponsoring employer using my OPT EAD?

No, this is not possible. F-1 OPT work authorization is employer-specific and must be related to the field of study of your degree program.

Should I renew my F-1 OPT EAD? If so, can the legal team assist me with this?

This is something you will need to discuss with your university DSO. The legal team does not provide OPT services.

If you are a J-1 exchange visitor and wish to apply for an EB-3 visa, it is important to understand how the rules of your J-1 visa – especially the home residency requirement – will affect whether you can adjust status or must apply abroad for consular processing.

The first step in this process is to determine if the home residency requirement applies to you. The home residency requirement means that some J-1 visa holders must return to their home country for a cumulative period of two years after completing their exchange program. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that the home country of the J-1 visa holder gets to use the skills and experience of that J-1 visa holder. Evidence of whether you are subject to the two-year home residency requirement may usually be found:

  • On the J-1 visa stamp page in your passport. It may bear the phrase: “Bearer is (or is not) subject to 212(e). Two-year rule does/does not apply.”
  • In the section in the lower left hand corner of your DS-2019 form labeled “preliminary endorsement.”

If your visa or DS-2019 says you are not subject to 212(e) and the two-year rule does not apply, then you can apply for an adjustment of status. However, if you are subject to the two-year rule, you will need to satisfy the 2-year requirement or obtain a waiver. If your waiver request is approved, you will no longer be subject to the two-year home residency requirement, and you can proceed with applying for your EB-3 application. You should consult an attorney to assist you with this process as an attorney should always advise on your specific situation, and you can contact them in your Communication Center.

Individuals may travel using their approved Advanced Parole, but it must be unexpired at the time of re-entry. That said, an attorney should always advise on any international travel plans before anything is booked. If you are planning any international travel, you should always notify the legal team in your Communication Center.

You can find more information on posting to the Communication Center: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-for-employees/employee-faq-legal-questions/

Can I travel using my visa stamp?

If you have a visa that is non-dual intent (F, B, J, E visas are the most common non-dual-intent visas), you should not leave the U.S. after the I-485 is filed and before the Advanced Parole document is issued. If you leave the U.S. before these are processed, your I-485 can be considered abandoned. We always encourage you to remain in the U.S. while we are working on any cases and to only travel abroad in emergency situations. If you do need to travel for any reason, you must always inform the legal team of your travel plans in the Communication Center before booking.

If you were married or had children at the time your EB-3 green card application was approved and did so through an I-485 Adjustment of Status, you can file for your spouse and children to join you in the U.S. under what is called “Follow-to-Join” benefits. The advantage to this is you do not have to file a separate form and they can interview at a designated U.S. Embassy or Consulate on an expedited basis.

If you are inside the U.S. and you plan to apply for a green card for your spouse or children and they are outside of the U.S., you can file what is known as a Form I-824 together with your adjustment of status application (AOS). After your AOS is approved, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will notify the National Visa Center (NVC) and NVC will send you a letter informing you that it received the approval notice and explain the next steps. It can take up to 8 weeks to receive this letter from NVC. Your spouse or children will then have to submit a visa application form (DS-260) and supporting documents and be scheduled for an interview at the designated U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

Can I add my dependents after I get my green card?

This depends on whether your dependents are adjusting their status inside the U.S. or applying at the consulate abroad; it also depends on what visa type your dependent maintains if they are adjusting their status.

  • If dependents are already inside the U.S. on a dependent visa, they must file their adjustments before you get your green card to prevent them from losing their status.
  • If dependents are outside the U.S. and you are adjusting status inside the U.S., a Form I-824 is needed after you adjust your status to send your case to the consulate for them to get an immigrant visa. Please see the above question for further information.
  • If both you and your dependents are processing your immigration cases from outside the U.S., you will need to submit your application and supporting documents after the I-140 is approved and USCIS transfers the case to the NVC. At this point, the interview can be scheduled at the designated consulate. Be sure to review the Consular Processing – Immigrant FAQs here: https://www.envoyglobal.com/faq-employee-users/consular-processing-immigrant-faqs/