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Case Status

Find more information here on how to determine a case’s status within the Envoy platform, what to expect during case processing, and how to find current government processing times

How do I know what action is needed from me? 

How do I know the current status of the case?

Why can’t I submit the case for review after I completed all of my required actions?

What does it mean when the case says In Process? 

What are government processing times? 

   How do I check USCIS processing times?

   How do I check DOL processing times?

When will the legal team file the case in my account?


How do I know what action is needed from me? 

Any time that action is required from you, you will receive a notification from noreply@envoyglobal.com to alert you of the action needed.  

All email notifications from the Envoy platform will come from noreply@envoyglobal.com. We encourage you to add this email ID to your contacts so that these notifications do not land in your spam, junk, or clutter folders. 

You can access the action items list from either the Account Overview or within the case. Below the timeline to the right, you will see Action Needed with any required actions hyperlinked in red.  

The Envoy platform will always highlight the most pressing action needed. If there are multiple action items, click View all Action Items for an expanded list of all the necessary action for a case.  

For many cases, there are employee and/or employer action items. If you do not see any actions required from you, there may be action pending from your employer. After all action items are completed, users are then prompted to submit the case for review.  

View of action items from the account overview 


View of action items within an active case

How do I know the current status of the case? 

The current status of a case is visible at the top of the Case Overview page. On this timeline, you can view major and minor milestones, which will give you an idea on what action has been completed for the case, as well as the current case progress. The Current Status box below the timeline will provide more information on what is actively happening with the case.

For more information on the different stages of the case, you can hover over each milestone to confirm when certain steps have been completed. By clicking into the Case Details section toward the top right of the case, you can see a full list of all case milestones and brief descriptions of each step.

Why can’t I submit the case for review after I completed all of my required actions? 

If you have completed all action items required from you on a case, you may see a status description about action required from another party. Please know that most often, this refers to your employer. For most cases, there is action needed from both you and your employer. Depending on the status of the case and what is required, your employer may be working internally to obtain the necessary details or documentation required for a case.

Please know that your employer is aware of any action needed from them, and they will be able to submit the case for review if your actions are 100% complete. You will receive an email notification as soon as the case changes status and moves to the legal team for review.

What does it mean when the case says In Process? 

A case may be placed in the status which reads In Process because the legal team is holding on actions for specific reasons. Most commonly, cases will reflect this status if the LCA is pending with the Department of Labor, or if the legal team is waiting for a priority date to become current. Sometimes you or your employer may request that we place a case in this status while further details are being confirmed.

The case timeline should provide more information on why a case is placed in this status, however sometimes there is a custom reason which is not reflected – if you would like more information on why a case shows as In Process, please contact the legal team by posting to your  Communication Center.


What are government processing times? 

As the legal team receives responses from the government, they will update the cases in your account accordingly. Any time a case is updated, you will receive an email notification. They will also  post certain updates to your Communication Center, if applicable.Government processing times vary according to case type and service center (USCIS).

How do I check USCIS processing times? 

After the legal team obtains the Receipt Notice for any filing sent to USCIS, they will update the Case Details section and you will be notified. After the Receipt Number has been added to the Case Overview in your account, you can click the link enabled on the Receipt  to view the case’s status  on the USCIS website.

If you would like to check USCIS processing times, you can visit the USCIS processing times reporting tool here: https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ 

Example: If you’re looking for an estimate on how long it will take for an I-485 case to be processed, you’d navigate to the USCIS processing times reporting tool, select Form I-485 and then choose the applicable Field Office or Service Center from the dropdown menu. If you’re unsure of the Field Office or Service Center, please reference the first 3 letters of the Receipt Number on your I-485 Receipt Notice, which indicates the Field Office or Service Center.

Here are a few of the acronyms that correspond with the correct Service Center:

  • MSC – National Benefits Center
  • EAC – Vermont Service Center
  • WAC – California Service Center
  • LIN – Nebraska Service Center
  • SRC – Texas Service Center

How do I check DOL processing times? 

The Department of Labor (DOL) does not provide receipt numbers and processing updates like USCIS. The legal team will always keep you updated on the case status in your account, please contact Envoy Customer Experience if you would like assistance checking the processing times of a specific filing.

We’ve provided general timelines for different DOL filings below:

  • LCA: 7-10 calendar days
  • Prevailing Wage Requests: 7-9 months
  • PERM (ETA-9089): 6-8 months

Note: Government time frames are subject to change at any time, regardless of timelines previously reported. For assistance in checking current processing times for a specific filing, please reach out to Envoy Customer Experience.

If you would like to check DOL processing times, you can visit the DOL processing times reporting tool here: https://flag.dol.gov/processingtimes.


When will the legal team file this case? 

The timeline will vary case by case. For example, the legal team’s processing times can be impacted by how quickly you and your employer can collect and provide the information/documentation needed. The case type also impacts case processing – a Prevailing Wage case will take much longer to prepare than an H-4 case due to the different requirements. To facilitate faster processing, please take immediate action on any information or documentation request that is sent to you. If you are experiencing any difficulties completing the delegated request or have questions, please contact Envoy Customer Experience for assistance.