A holistic approach to your company’s immigration program

Envoy Global combines access to top legal talent with proprietary technology to bring efficiency and transparency to the immigration process, creating an intuitive and collaborative experience for employers and employees. Through our platform and services, we empower companies to hire the best talent regardless of where they live, manage their entire global workforce and enable employees to take advantage of business opportunities around the globe.


We believe employees are happier, companies are more successful and our world is a stronger place when people are able to work and live anywhere an opportunity presents itself. We built our company on a simple idea: Never, ever forget that there are people behind every application and case file. We truly care about these people—their hopes, their dreams, their fears—and helping them realize what’s possible.

We take that job really seriously.


Diversity and inclusion are critical to accomplishing our mission of all people achieving their full potential. True diversity underscores our values and the work we do every day for the coalition of cultures, ethnicities and nationalities hoping to reach their potential in a new land. We strive to create a work environment that fosters an open forum and provides our team equal access to opportunities. Our committee is grounded in four tenets: Education, Inclusion, Empowerment, and Activism.

Read more about our 5-step action plan on workforce diversity, equality, and inclusion




U.S. Law Firm

When you work with Envoy Global, you gain access to not only state-of-the-art technology, but also work with skilled and dedicated attorneys. Envoy Global works with a U.S. law firm with deep immigration experience whose attorneys’ first priority is helping you and your employees. The U.S. law firm provides legal services directly to you exclusively on the Envoy Global Platform for a seamless customer experience.

Global Services

Envoy Global has an extensive team globally, in EMEA, APAC and the Americas and works with 70+ local representatives in international locations to provide inbound immigration services in 180+ non-U.S. countries.



3-4 hour response time from the legal team

Phone, live chat or online portal,email


1750+ clients from high growth tech to Fortune 50

70+ global partner offices


Real-time tracking

24/7 self-service reporting

500+ customized alerts and notifications


Centralized Immigration system of record

Connects HR, Hiring Managers, Sponsored Employee, etc.

Integration with 20+ ATS & HRIS

What our customers say

“Having Envoy Global as a partner has made running our immigration program easier for our team, and given our employees a reliable resource that they can easily access for expert advice in a user-friendly, online tool. Even though we’ve been adjusting to working remotely in the last month, we’ve still been able to rely on Envoy Global for peace of mind.”

Kimberly Wong, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at CBS Interactive