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Sales: 312-922-9035

U.S. Immigration Services

U.S. Immigration Services

U.S. Immigration Services

Envoy’s cutting-edge technology, with which our independent U.S. law firms are seamlessly integrated, provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to your company’s immigration program

U.S. Law Firms

Envoy works with two independent U.S. law firms – Global Immigration Associates (GIA) and Corporate Immigration Partners (CIP)
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Global Immigration Associates, P.C. is a leading immigration law firm that combines best-in-class legal services and innovative technology to support clients in navigating the U.S. immigration process. They are client-driven and motivated by the idea that our work benefits the companies they represent and their individual employees with the understanding that our support goes far beyond simply securing U.S. work authorization. GIA believes immigrants make America stronger, more prosperous and diverse. The team takes on this responsibility with immense pride in the work they do every day. By combining their four core pillars: Legal Excellence, Strategic Communication, Efficient Processes and Tech-forward organization, they ensure their clients understand that their expectations can be surpassed throughout every step of the U.S. immigration process.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Corporate Immigration Partners (CIP) is an elite group of immigration attorneys and legal professionals who bring dynamic perspectives and extensive experience to clients in both the U.S. and global economy to provide personalized immigration programs. CIP Founding Partners note their faith and commitment to the fundamentals of exceptional services and sophisticated, yet practical solutions led to their founding during an unprecedented time in our history. CIP’s diverse client pool ranges from start-ups to large corporations across all industries. The firm has collective experience working for NASA and the United Nations, receiving various pro-bono and research accolades, and has been published in world-renown periodicals.

#1 and #2

Largest female-led immigration firms in the country


Largest in terms of
LCAs processed


Fastest growth in LCAs
among top 15 firms


Largest in terms of
clients served

Based on the combined 2019 LCA filings of GIA & CIP

U.S. immigration legal teams:

  • Dedicated attorney-client relationship to drive alignment and familiarity
  • Extensive experience with small, medium, and large multinational clients
  • Consultative vs. Transactional
  • Available by phone, email, or Envoy’s communication portal with average response time within hours

Envoy platform and service teams:

  • Immigration technology and analytics
  • Best-in-class UX and functionality
  • Real-time analytics, billing, reporting
  • Superior client experience
  • Operational support for employer
  • Sponsored employee's experience is paramount
  • Outbound (non-U.S.) immigration services provided in partnership with 60+ top tier global providers & managed from 5 international Envoy offices

What our customers say

“Digital transformation is more important now than ever, and we’re already there on the immigration front because we’ve been using the Envoy platform.”

Jo Ann Rainwater, Global Benefits Manager, Asurion
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Are you ready for a modern-day
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