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Case Materials

Reviewing Case Materials is an integral part of the Envoy process and allows you or your employer to review the drafted forms and letters before a case is filed. Find more details on this process here.

What are Case Materials and how are they reviewed?

What do I need to do when I see Case Materials available for review? 

How do I request changes to the Case Materials?

How do I provide forms which require a scanned signature? 

Should I print and sign the entire document or just the signature page? 

Are there any additional options if I do not have a printer? 

Where do I mail documents/signed forms? 

Can I sign a form on behalf of my dependents? 

When will the forms I mailed be applied to the case?


What are Case Materials and how are they reviewed?  

Case Materials include the information provided and prepared to potentially be filed with a case I.e., documents, forms, and letters.

During the initial review stage when preparing a case, the legal team will review the information and documents that you or your employer have provided to begin drafting certain forms and letters needed for filing. The forms undergo several layers of internal review, and then are provided to customers for their review to ensure that the information is accurate.

The legal team asks that the primary case contact review the Case Materials once; this ensures that the forms can be finalized as efficiently as possible. After these forms and letters are reviewed and approved, the case will move back to the legal team so that they can review any changes and finalize the case. The legal team is notified of any requested changes directly on any form or letter, and they will ensure that the appropriate changes are reflected in the final versions before the case is sent. Should they have any questions for you as they work on the forms, the legal team will be sure to let you know.


What do I need to do when I see Case Materials available for review? 

After the Case Materials are drafted, the primary case contact needs to review and approve the content to ensure the information is accurate. When the Case Materials are ready for review, you will be notified that the case has changed status and whether any action is required from you.

For primary employment-based cases, your employer is responsible for reviewing most of the Case Materials. You will always be prompted to review and approve the forms for any dependent filings.

When a form is delegated to you for review, you will need to click into each form to complete the required action. If you have questions regarding how to complete your review of the forms delegated to you, please contact Envoy Customer Experience.


How do I request changes to the Case Materials? 

You can request changes directly within the content of the forms and letters by toggling to the Edit feature available in the document preview.* You will then update the fields within the interactive version of the form. After you have entered your corrections in the interactive version of the form, you can click the purple Approve button to the right and move onto the next form.

Please keep in mind that these changes will not reflect on the form preview (PDF), but the legal team will be notified whenever a change is made. After all the actions for the case are completed and the case moves back to the legal team for review, they will ensure that any appropriate changes are made to the final version of the form.

Depending on the nature of the form, you may be provided the option to request revisions in a text format. The Request Revisions button will prompt a dialogue box to appear where you can type out any requested changes. Any edits you enter here will be saved for the legal team to review and make updates.

It is common for some of the fields on the form to be left blank by the legal team. There is no need to complete these items unless the legal team has indicated that the information is missing and should be provided.

If a form requires a scanned signature, you must upload the signature page before the platform allows you to Approve the form content. By clicking Upload and Approve, you are approving the content of the form with your requested changes in mind.

Note: If you are unable to make a change, or if you notice large portions of the forms are unavailable, please contact Envoy Customer Experience and provide specific details.

How do I provide forms which require a scanned signature? 

The legal team requires a scanned copy of an original signature to be provided for some cases. If the legal team requests this, the government entity will not accept electronic signatures created by a typewriter, word processor, stamp, auto-pen, photocopy, or similar device. The signature that you provide must be a scan or other copy of your original, handwritten signature.

Accessing the Signature Page

If the legal team has requested that you upload a signature page, you will find the extracted signature page available for download once you click the Instructions link, highlighted in blue.

Scanning Signatures

To provide your scanned signature, you will need to print the signature page of the appropriate form and sign that form in blue or black ink.

If you do not have access to a scanner, we’ve provided some alternative applications available on mobile phones which can successfully scan these signatures for you.

  • Office Lens (from Microsoft)– available in iOS and Android and ad-free
  • Adobe Scan (from Adobe) – available in iOS and Android and ad-free
  • CamScanner – free and available in iOS and Android; may have adware/malware

Note: Envoy Global does not support these platforms, however, they have been recommended by users when working to complete this action.

Uploading Signature Page

After you have scanned the signature pages to your computer, you will need to upload the appropriate page to each drafted form in your Envoy account. You will see a placeholder available on each form where you will have the option to drag and drop or upload from your browser:

Only one file can be added to each form for a signature. If a specific drafted form requires multiple signatures, you will be provided with multiple placeholders to upload the individual pages. If you require additional support with this, please contact Envoy Customer Experience.

Approving the Form

After the signature page has been uploaded to the form’s signature placeholder, you will find that the Approve button is interactive. You must click this button in order to confirm for the legal team you have reviewed the form and to complete the action item for the case.

Should I print and sign the entire document or just the signature page?

Only the signed signature page needs to be provided. The legal team will print the remaining pages for the final version of the Case Materials based on the reviewed and approved content that they have drafted. The option to download only the signature page is typically available to the right of the specific form.

Are there any additional options if I do not have a printer? 

If the legal team requires a scanned signature on a form, but you do not have a printer to sign the form itself, you can apply your signature to the form electronically by following the steps below.

  1. Sign a white piece of paper  
  2. Take a clear photo of the signature  
  3. Email to your computer  
  4. Apply the image of the signature to the appropriate field on the signature page  
  5. Save page with signature and upload to your account 


Where do I mail documents?

If you are applying for a U.S. visa or green card and need to mail documents to the legal team, please use this address:

Corporate Immigration Partners, P.C.

Attn: (Your name and account number)
230 W. Monroe St. Suite 2800
Chicago, IL 60606

We recommend that you send documents via a courier service that allows you to track your parcel I.e., FedEx or UPS. If you proceed with this suggested method, your Communication Center for the legal team or contact Envoy Customer Experience with the details. The tracking number will assist the team in locating the package during transit.

Note: If you are applying for a visa to a country outside of the U.S., please post to your Communication Center to confirm the mailing address, as it differs by case.


Can I sign a form on behalf of my dependents?

For all dependent cases, the dependent applicants will need to sign the forms themselves. The legal team will delegate the forms to the appropriate party member on the case whose signature is required. However, for any children under the age of 14, it is acceptable for either a parent or legal guardian to sign on the child’s behalf.


When will the documents I mailed be applied to the case?

The legal team works to process mailed documents in our office within 2-3 business days. Once the documents have been received, the legal team will apply them to the case and the request will be marked as complete.