For a world-ready workforce.

Navigate U.S. immigration. Secure global work authorizations and business visas. Track and manage all of your international employees.

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Envoy makes it easy for employees to be ready and able to work, wherever opportunity calls.

Tapping world-ready talent is a strategic business priority


of employers hire expats to ensure global competitiveness


of millennials want and expect an international assignment.

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Intense battles for talent are driving companies to pursue more proactive international talent management strategies. Forward-looking organizations realize they can’t do it alone—
they’re turning to Envoy’s integrated global workforce management solution.

Global Workforce Management, Made Simple

Envoy combines expertise and proprietary technology to help organizations effortlessly hire, mobilize and manage top talent from one intuitive platform.

  • Hire

    Companies are looking beyond borders to find the best people. But, getting international talent through the immigration process can be frustrating. Envoy offers a transparent, efficient and organized solution for hiring the best talent from anywhere in the world.

    • Secure work authorization for new employees quickly and easily.
    • Empower HR, save time and remove the headaches through an easy immigration process.
    • Give candidates a welcoming and comforting experience.
  • Mobilize

    By mobilizing employees around the world, companies capitalize on growth opportunities while developing and retaining their talent. Envoy’s relationships with experienced practitioners around the world enable employees to get where they need to go, compliantly and efficiently.

    • Identify the best employees for projects with visibility into all employees’ international work status.
    • Procure the appropriate work authorization and permits for any global destination.
    • Execute your international assignment program seamlessly giving your employees a great experience.
  • Manage

    Managing an international workforce is daunting, especially when it’s handled across email, files and spreadsheets. It’s even harder to predict immigration spend, stay within budget, and ensure you are compliant. Now you can do it all with an experienced partner by your side—and all in one, easy-to-use platform.

    • Easily track visa expirations, due dates, immigration spend, and budget forecast.
    • Achieve complete compliance for all international travel and work authorization.
    • Manage your workforce with automated notifications on renewals and green card eligibility.

Envoy Provides Expertise and Technology


Our smart questionnaire acts as a guide through the application, auto-populates redundant information and allows easy uploading of all required documents.


We empower employees and reduce anxiety by giving them control of their application, access to their status and direct answers from experienced attorneys and in-country experts.


We foster collaboration between HR, employees and attorneys, reducing the “middle man” role by communicating in one, easily searchable hub with real-time legal answers.


Our centralized dashboard offers easy forecasting and management of budgets, compliance, employee status and expirations, and provides real-time updates and notifications.

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