Immigration Efficiency

Make Immigration Efficient

Processing immigration cases can be labor-intensive and confusing with multiple deadlines, documents, and forms to keep track of. Envoy Global’s platform helps immigration teams organize their tasks, automate redundant processes, communicate rapidly with stakeholders, and manage the program holistically.

Smart Case Processing

Industry’s leading and smartest immigration case management platform

What’s Different from Traditional Case Management?

  • Gain instant visibility into the “most important” cases: statuses, milestones, upcoming deadlines & pending action items
  • Automatically prioritize cases based on expirations dates, start dates, VIPs
  • Eliminate redundant data entry by retrieving information automatically from prior cases or user profiles
  • Collect any necessary additional information with intuitive “smart questionnaires”
  • Secure document upload

What our customers say

“For a company that’s growing as quickly as Grubhub is, the traditional law firm model just doesn’t work…when you’re experiencing that kind of growth, you need an immigration solution that can operate effectively at scale. “

Will Smith, Senior Technology Recruiter, GrubHub
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Automated Questionnaires

Save time and reduce errors when filling out forms:

  • Retrieve information automatically from previous cases, user and company profiles, and job description libraries
  • Reduce the time spent with redundant data entry
  • Quickly reference case communication to access necessary information

What our customers say

“Envoy Global really keeps you on your toes and organized…I could not have it any easier unless somebody was doing the work for me.”

Amber Reed, Global Mobility Specialist, Ellie Mae
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Talent Screening

Work sponsorship should not increase time to hire

How it Helps You Screen Your Job Candidates More Efficiently:

  • Seamlessly receive legal guidance to assess if a prospective candidate is eligible for a work visa pre-hire
  • Easily open cases for candidates who have accepted offers to proactively start the visa process

PERM Recruitment Tool

Modernizing the PERM recruitment process

How We Automate and Streamline the PERM Recruitment Process:

  • Manage the entire workflow, including legal review, advertising, applicant tracking, and screening from one centralized location
  • Ensure compliance by managing and recording all activities in one platform under attorney supervision

Compliance Management Tools

Proactive immigration compliance

Why Technology is Necessary for Minimizing Compliance Risk:

  • Centrally manage required documentation, such as the company’s Public Access Files in a secure, digital location.
  • Immediately receive guidance from your immigration attorney if a discrepancy is identified.

Workforce Planner

Your global workforce in one place

Why the Workforce Planner is Key to Your Immigration Strategy:

  • Gain a comprehensive view into current and future immigration needs, such as renewals, green card eligibility, or upcoming H-1B cap cases
  • Easily start cases and extensions for work visas from one centralized dashboard
  • Set up notifications to your immigration team to stay ahead of action items for all sponsored employees

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