Switzerland Immigration Services

If your company, or a company you plan on acquiring, is sending employees to work in Switzerland, Envoy is here to provide Switzerland immigration services and help you navigate the process. Whether your employees are traveling to Switzerland for business, working there full time or require any other type of visa, getting through the necessary steps efficiently and successfully is paramount to you and to us.

Working in Switzerland

Switzerland—along with Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway—is not part of the European Union (EU) but does make up the European Economic Area (EEA), which allows for some trade and immigration benefits between the Eurozone and the EEA countries. However, EU and EEA nationals can enter Switzerland freely, but they must apply for work authorization.

Swiss immigration operates on a quota system, where only a certain number of visas that allow foreign nationals, including those from the EU, to work in the country, and it sometimes requires a partial or full market test. Generally, foreign nationals can travel to Switzerland on a business visa (which is granted upon entry) for up to 90 days. Anything beyond that requires a permit for work and residence.

Employers and employees need to make sure they apply for the correct visa or work permit and provide the necessary documentation in their application to work in Switzerland. There are a variety of different types of work permits and visas in Switzerland, but we’ve listed the most common ones below.

Types of Visas

  • Business Visa (upon entry)
  • Permit L (short-term work permits)
  • Permit B (long-term work permits)
  • Permit C (settlement permits)
  • Permit G (cross-border commuter permits)

To figure out which visa your business requires, click below to download our Switzerland Information Sheet or click here to set up a consultation.

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