Overview of the Envoy Application Process

Online Questionnaire

Who completes this step: the customer (that’s you!)

In order to get started, answer all of the questions in your questionnaire.  Don’t forget to submit the questionnaire to Attorney Review when finished!  Once completed and submitted, the Envoy-retained law firm will start to review your questionnaire right away.  Questionnaire answers are used to prepare the forms and letters for your application.

Document Collection and Review

Who completes this step: Envoy customer and the Envoy-retained law firm

This step is a collaboration between you and the law firm.  As you work on the questionnaire, you will be prompted to upload supporting documents.  During Attorney Review, the attorneys will look over everything that you have provided.  If they determine that more documents are needed, they’ll update your Action Items list so you know exactly what to upload.  Have questions about your case? Post questions to the attorneys on your Communication page at any time.

The important thing to remember about parts 1 and 2 of the Envoy process is that the faster you can complete your part of the application, the faster the law firm can process your case.

Application Preparation

Who completes this step: the Envoy-retained law firm

Once the law firm has your questionnaire and documents, they can begin preparing your case.  If the attorneys have questions for you, they will post to the Communication page, so remember to check in for updates.

Final Review

Who completes this step: Envoy customer and the Envoy-retained law firm

Once the attorneys have prepared your case, they will have you review the Forms and Letters that will be used in your application. It’s important that you thoroughly review all materials at this stage – this is your final chance to see what will be submitted.  If you find changes are needed, you can type updates into the forms in your Envoy account.  Once finished, the attorneys will review any changes made and double check that everything is perfect.

Submit Application

Who completes this step: the law firm

Once your case is ready to be sent out, the law firm will courier it to the right place: either to the appropriate government agency or directly to the person applying for a visa (for applications that must be presented in person at a U.S. consulate abroad).  If you have any questions after the case is sent out, just post to your Communication page, since your account will remain open.  If your case was submitted to the U.S. government, we’ll update you as soon as we get a response!

As always, the law firm and the Customer Support team are here to help at any step in this process. Post any legal questions to your Communication page.  For non-legal account assistance, contact Envoy Customer Support at 1-855-739-8472, 312-964-6499, or customersupport@envoyglobal.com.