Do you have any tips for using the Communication page of my account?

We’ve designed the new Communication page to allow for fast and easy communication with the attorneys.  Here, you can see messages from the attorneys, post questions, and review attorney responses.  Legal consultation is unlimited, so you can post any and all questions that you have.  To begin, visit the Communication page and click on “+New Post”.

Categorize Your Messages

When posting a message to your Communication page, be sure to categorize your posts by case type, if applicable, for easy reference.  You can use the filter icon to find all of the messages associated with that case type.

To make the most of your posts, we suggest being as detailed as possible when asking questions and providing any background information that the attorneys may not have.  If you would like to add something to a post you have already submitted, you can use the “Comment” button to leave an additional message.  You can also comment on a reply from the attorneys, to continue the thread!

When responses are posted to your account, you’ll receive an alert and email notification.

Marking Messages as a “Favorite”

You can also “favorite” the responses that you get from the attorneys, by clicking the star icon.  Your favorite posts with appear in the left side bar for easy access!

One note: the Communication page should be used for legal questions. For other types of questions—for example, questions about how to use your account or making payment—contact Envoy Customer Support. They are you main point of contact for non-legal questions. You can contact Customer Support at 1-855-739-8472 or 1-312-964-6499 or via email at