TN Visa for
NAFTA Professionals

Visa Benefits

Unlike H-1B and H-2B, there is no cap on issued TN visas.

No statutory max-out date.


Key TN Visa Requirement Takeaways

Unlike H-1B and H-2B, there is no cap on issued TN visas.

Limited types of professions qualify for the TN visa.

Employees may extend their TN status in three-year increments, indefinitely

What type of professional is eligible for TN visa sponsorship?

To be eligible for the TN visa you must be a citizen from Mexico or Canada and skilled in one of the following professions:

Accountant, engineer, scientist, medical/healthcare professional, architect, lawyer, teacher, economist, social worker, mathematician, psychologist, computer systems analyst, industrial designer and more. A full list of NAFTA-designated professions can be found here:

Length of work authorization

Initial stay: three years.
Total stay: varies.

Government fees

Consular application filing fee: $160

USCIS application filing fee: $460, only necessary if the foreign national is inside the United States and switches to a TN visa from another visa status. TN visas only need USCIS approval in this rare situation.

Visa extension options

Unlimited extensions granted in three-year increments.

Dependent visa availability

Employees may be accompanied by their spouses and unmarried children 21 years and under with a TD nonimmigrant dependent visa classification.

Dependents do not have to be citizens of Canada or Mexico to be eligible for TD status. Dependents are not authorized to work, but they are allowed to study.

Green card sponsorship

The TN visa is not dual intent. In other words, if a foreign national with a TN visa pursues permanent residency, the individual will experience difficulty renewing the visa and when traveling. To effectively begin the application process for a green card, the individual should first switch to an H-1B visa if they do not want any future travel issues.

Frequently asked questions about the TN Visas

What is the TN visa?
The non-immigrant TN visa allows citizens of Canada and Mexico to come to the U.S. to work in as a NAFTA professional in designated categories. There are dozens of professions that fall under the designated TN category. Contact a Envoy-affiliated attorney or legal support specialist to determine whether or not your employee would fall into any of the TN categories.

Canadian citizens can apply for a TN visa directly at the border/port of entry. Envoy can prepare the TN application for the individual to present to the Customs and Border Protection officer.

Mexican citizens must apply for a TN visa at a U.S. consulate abroad. Envoy can prepare the TN application for the individual to present to the Consulate.
How long is the TN visa valid?
A TN visa holder is admitted for one to three years. TN visas may be renewed indefinitely.

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