Spain Immigration Services

If your company, or a company you plan on acquiring, is sending employees to work in Spain, Envoy is here to provide Spain immigration services and help you navigate the process. Whether your employees are traveling to Spain for business, working there full time or require any other type of visa, getting through the necessary steps efficiently and successfully is paramount to you and to us.

Working in Spain

The type of visa needed, or whether any kind of visa or permit is needed, is determined by the resident country of the foreign national who will be working in Spain.  

Citizens from the European Union (EU) and from Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland (EEA) don’t require a visa to work in Spain. Additionally, if the business trip is less than 90 days, foreign nationals from several countries can travel to Spain as a business visitors. 

Spain generally follows a process wherein visas and work permits will only be given to foreign nationals if their intended role at a company can’t be filled by a Spanish citizen, an EU/EEA citizen, or a foreign national who already holds a visa and is settled in the country. 

For stays with a duration of more than 90 days, an employer will need to be involved to get work authorization for any foreign nationals who will be employed and working in Spain. There are different types of work permits and visas for Spain, but we’ve listed the most common ones below. 

Types of Visas

  • Work Permit 
  • EU Blue Card 
  • Schengen C Visa 

Processes and requirements vary and may change, potentially for UK citizens after Brexit. For help figuring out which visa is needed and what documentation is needed to apply, click below to download our Spain Information Sheet or click here to set up a consultation.

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