Find and secure the right global work authorization for every situation.

Global Immigration

of employers expect to increase their demand for work authorization outside of the U.S.

of employers say their biggest challenge is  differing regulations in each country.

The global marketplace gives organizations access to a wealth of opportunities. Now, more than ever, a company’s ability to hire, mobilize and manage a workforce across international borders will ultimately be the decider of success. However, navigating work authorization requirements that vary based on destination, traveler’s nationality, length of trip, job title and project type is challenging without the right partner.

Envoy is excited to launch the world’s first globally-integrated immigration management platform. We bring together all of our global service offerings into one central hub giving you an efficient, transparent and secure way to manage your entire global immigration program.

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Common Global Visas

Efficient Process

Smart application customized to country regulations, project details and employee data. Open a case and gain access to document lists, case requirements and more.

Complete Centralization

Collaborate between your global mobility team, HR team, employees and attorneys seamlessly to manage your global immigration needs from start to finish in one platform.

Transparency & Compliance, Upfront

Gain peace of mind that all of your employees have valid and current work authorization. Understand up front what type of work authorization is needed for your situation and keep compliant with automated renewals, expiration notifications and employee tracking dashboards.

A Security Stronghold

Our cloud-based platform, with built-in communication center, has top security measures like two-factor authentication in place so you no longer have to worry that your information and documents are secure.

World-Class Service from Dedicated Team Members

Envoy has strong relationships with immigration specialists who are on the ground, in countries around the world, and have a deep understanding of each and every step in the process. Together, we are your organization’s trusted representative for securing work permits, business visas, entry visas and more.

We’re dedicated to partnering with immigration practitioners that meet our stringent standards so you can enjoy relief with an entire team working hard to ensure a smooth and effortless experience across the globe.

Not only can you easily contact in-country partners and your case manager with any questions and receive a prompt response, but also housed within our all-in-one platform, top travel jurisdictions have personalized questionnaires to help you through the immigration maze.


Getting Started is Simple

  1. Select your employee’s destination country
  2. Confer with the Envoy Global Team to identify the correct visa type based on your company’s goals and specific strategy for this employee
  3. Complete a questionnaire designed with both employer and employee components
  4. Access case requirements and document lists
  5. Partner with the Envoy Global Team to ensure the necessary work authorization or visa is obtained on behalf of your employee

Ready to learn more? Set up a call with one of our global immigration consultants.

Our people strategy is to recruit, develop, and retain top talent. Envoy is a valued partner in that strategy. Together we give SimCorp employees the opportunity to develop professionally and personally in an entirely new country seamlessly – which to many is the opportunity of a lifetime!
Ashley Perez

HR Consultant