Find and secure the right global work authorization for every situation.

Global Immigration

The global marketplace gives organizations access to a wealth of opportunities. However, navigating work authorization requirements that vary based on destination, traveler’s nationality, length of trip, job title and project type is impossible without the right partner.

Envoy has strong relationships with immigration specialists who are on the ground, in countries around the world, and have a deep understanding of each and every step in the process. Together, we are your organization’s trusted representative for securing work permits, business visas, entry visas and more.

Envoy also provides advice and recommendations on immigration best practices tailored to your organization’s unique needs, for a wide range of immigration-related issues—whether it’s staffing resources, compliance strategies or workforce immigration training.

Common Global Visas

Management of Pre-Arrival Activities

For your short-term projects, we provide work authorization application prep for any destination including work permits, business visas and entry visas. Our services include:

•  Visa type consultation and recommendations

•  Personalized application process guides

•  Dependent permits and visas

•  Apostille and record authentication

•  Translation and notarization of documents

•  Preparation of visa application forms

•  Completion of visa support letters

•  Specialized consular support

Management of Post-Arrival Activities

  • Registration with local authorities
  • Follow-up with consular authorities, collection and return of passport
  • Biometrics testing
  • Local tax card issuance
  • Resident permit procurement
Our people strategy is to recruit, develop, and retain top talent. Envoy is a valued partner in that strategy. Together we give SimCorp employees the opportunity to develop professionally and personally in an entirely new country seamlessly – which to many is the opportunity of a lifetime!
Ashley Perez

HR Consultant