Jamie Gilpin


Jamie Gilpin brings over 15 years of sales, marketing and branding knowledge to Envoy. As chief marketing officer, she plays a key role in driving a powerful brand for Envoy that represents its dedication to providing education, support, unparalleled value and a better experience overall for both businesses and employees navigating through the arduous immigration process. She oversees the marketing strategy, including demand generation, brand management, sales enablement, digital marketing, website and content management, public relations, event marketing and partner/channel marketing.

As Envoy’s Workforce Trends Analyst, Jamie leverages her decade of experience working with HR organizations around the country on their talent management programs. She is a frequent speaker and author on the topics of international recruiting, workforce issues, the skills gap, employer brand, candidate behavior, marketing and big data.

Prior to joining Envoy, Gilpin was the vice president of marketing and branding at CareerBuilder LLC. In that role, she directed the B2B strategy, leading teams responsible for marketing operations, product marketing, demand generation, advertising, promotions, events, research and thought leadership, customer intelligence, e-commerce and customer experience.

Gilpin received a master’s degree in business administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Florida State University.

Gilpin studied the relationships between job seekers and employers for more than a decade and became passionate about solutions to the skills gap especially in the STEM areas. Hiring foreign nationals and mobilizing employees around the world are important parts of an overall workforce planning strategy and she believes that the work Envoy is doing is critical to the success of our economy and society.