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Sourcing and Screening Foreign Nationals

When it comes to inbound immigration, sourcing and screening foreign nationals are two of the first and most important steps in the hiring process. Without both of these critical stages, you won’t know whether or not prospective candidates from abroad are also quality candidates. We sat down with three HR and Recruiting experts to ask

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Webinar Recap: Creating a Company Immigration Policy

As the skills gap increases, U.S.-based companies are, more than ever, creating a company immigration policy for global recruitment and workforce management. These policies not only help manage expectations with prospective foreign nationals, but they also bring a defined process to inform managers on the proper procedures for recruiting an individual that requires a visa

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Webinar Recap: Your Guide to Hiring Foreign Nationals

You’ve been asked to open a visa case for a new employee from overseas, but you have no experience hiring foreign nationals. Now what? Whether you’re new in your career or your company is new to immigration, we understand that the world of global mobility can be confusing. As an HR professional, you’re required to

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Onboarding Foreign National Employees: Why Your Process Matters

Foreign nationals face lots of barriers when they come to the United States to work – long wait times, uncertainty amidst changing immigration policies, competition, complicated regulations, and little to no transparency throughout the process. Onboarding foreign national employees in a way that directly addresses these issues will likely make a difference in attracting and

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PERM Green Card Process and Recruitment

LABOR CERTIFICATION: THE PERM GREEN CARD PROCESS The PERM green card process exists to protect skilled U.S. workers from displacement by less-skilled foreign workers. Companies must prove that they took reasonable measures to first fill an open position with a U.S. based worker. This multi-step PERM green card process typically takes 10 to 12 months

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Orchard is Building the Diverse Workforce of the Future

Orchard is the leading provider of data, technology and software to the online lending industry. Not only were they named to Forbes Next Billion Dollar Startups list, but they are blazing the trail of diversity for the Fintech industry overall. I haven’t noticed too many companies, let alone in the financial industry, writing about workforce

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PERM Recruitment Process: Stages 4-6

This post is the third part of the PERM recruitment process blog series, a continuation of PERM recruitment stages 1, 2 and 3. PERM recruitment stages Prevailing Wage: Time frame varies (includes pre-recruitment activities) Job Order: Must run for 30 days (can run concurrently with recruitment activities) Recruitment Activities: Time frame varies (max 150 days)

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PERM Recruitment Job Order: Stage 2 and 3

Now that you understand what the PERM recruitment process is, you’re ready to move on to the PERM recruitment job order – or stage two and three of the process. Stage Two of PERM Recruitment Process: Job Order Once your immigration attorney has verified that the salary to be offered by the employer meets the

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What is the PERM recruitment process?

Before the PERM recruitment process may begin, you must provide the foreign worker’s job description, which includes information about the foreign worker’s offered position – specifically the job title, minimum job requirements (education, experience and/or skills), and duties to be performed. The Department of Labor (DOL) has put into place a fraud unit with the

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What Is the Value of a Globally Diverse Workforce?

Staying relevant may seem easy, but only if you’re thinking too small. In a world that’s mobile, dynamic and constantly connected, organizations should be broadening their globally diverse workforce. That’s the position Charlie Judy thinks all businesses should take. Judy is a founding partner of WorkXO, a tech platform that helps organizations align their work

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