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PERM Green Card Process and Recruitment

LABOR CERTIFICATION: THE PERM GREEN CARD PROCESS The PERM green card process exists to protect skilled U.S. workers from displacement by less-skilled foreign workers. Companies must prove that they took reasonable measures to first fill an open position with a U.S. based worker. This multi-step PERM green card process typically takes 10 to 12 months

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PERM Recruitment Process: Stages 4-6

This post is the third part of the PERM recruitment process blog series, a continuation of PERM recruitment stages 1, 2 and 3. PERM recruitment stages Prevailing Wage: Time frame varies (includes pre-recruitment activities) Job Order: Must run for 30 days (can run concurrently with recruitment activities) Recruitment Activities: Time frame varies (max 150 days)

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PERM Recruitment Job Order: Stage 2 and 3

Now that you understand what the PERM recruitment process is, you’re ready to move on to the PERM recruitment job order – or stage two and three of the process. Stage Two of PERM Recruitment Process: Job Order Once your immigration attorney has verified that the salary to be offered by the employer meets the

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What is the PERM recruitment process?

Before the PERM recruitment process may begin, you must provide the foreign worker’s job description, which includes information about the foreign worker’s offered position – specifically the job title, minimum job requirements (education, experience and/or skills), and duties to be performed. The Department of Labor (DOL) has put into place a fraud unit with the

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What Is the Value of a Globally Diverse Workforce?

Staying relevant may seem easy, but only if you’re thinking too small. In a world that’s mobile, dynamic and constantly connected, organizations should be broadening their globally diverse workforce. That’s the position Charlie Judy thinks all businesses should take. Judy is a founding partner of WorkXO, a tech platform that helps organizations align their work

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