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Sales: 312-922-9035 | Service: 312-964-6499

Immigration Case Management

Envoy combines the efficiency and transparency of technology with legal expertise. Personal attorney review of each and every case ensures the optimal immigration path.

H-1B Cap Dashboard

Comprehensive overview and actionable insights into all H-1B cap cases provides insight, creates efficiencies and reduces administrative burdens on HR

  • Centralized view of all time sensitive H-1B cap cases provide insight into all cases and clear next steps eliminate unnecessary delays
  • Trends in how many cap cases have been selected or rejected facilitate quick action
H-1B Cap Management
Case Overview

Case Assessment

Streamlined data collection and personal review by an experienced immigration attorney, ensuring the most accurate and complete petition possible.

  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Increase efficiencies and provide accuracy
  • Centralize collaboration with attorneys

Case Preparation

Confidence that all of your immigration cases are seamlessly prepared, creating efficiencies for you and your team through automation and expertise while empowering your attorney to focus on consultation over data entry.

  • Establish peace of mind and reduce unnecessary anxiety
  • Eliminate missed deadlines and case requirements
Communication Center
Document Library

Document Storage

Comprehensive document management in a single, secure location, eliminating risk and redundancy. 

  • Reduce bottlenecks through centralized storage  
  • Eliminate the need for paper files and ensure audit readiness 
  • Elevate data security and protect sensitive employee information 

Thousands of companies rely on Envoy to solve their immigration challenges.