How Do I Review Forms and Letters?

After the law firm reviews your submitted questionnaire, they will prepare the forms and/or letters needed.  When it’s time for forms and letters to be reviewed, the attorneys will update your Action Items list.

To review a form:

  1. Navigate to the Forms & Letters by clicking the link in your Action Items list.
  2. Click on the hyperlinked form name and review the information provided for accuracy. If the attorneys have any comments for you, they will also be included on this page.
  3. If any changes are needed, you may make them in Form View. Once finished, you should save any changes. If you have no changes to make, simply approve the form.
  4. You can access the PDF preview of the completed form by switching to PDF View.
  5. Once all forms for a case are reviewed, click on the Submit for Attorney Review button.

If you need additional assistance, the Envoy Customer Support team can help. You can contact us at 1-855-739-8472 or 1-312-964-6499 or via email at