How do I open cases for my employee’s dependents?

We recommend opening dependent cases at the same time as the primary visa application case. Generally, all you need is the applicant’s name, but for certain cases you may need to know the applicant’s date of birth and whether he/she will be inside or outside of the U.S. at the time of filing.

To open a dependent case:

  1. From your Visa Organizer, navigate to the employee’s account. Click on “Start a New Application”.  (Note: dependent cases should always be opened inside of the employee’s account–a new account does not need to be created.)
  2. Follow the prompts select the case type, and “Create a New Dependent Profile” if the dependent has never had a case with Envoy.
  3. Delegate charges to the employee if the employee will be covering the cost of the application.

If an employee reaches out to Customer Support to open a dependent case, Customer Support may contact you to let you know of the request. If you would like to provide Customer Support with blanket consent to open up dependent cases, please contact your Customer Relationship Manager or Account Executive and let him/her know who is responsible for payment of these cases.

If you have any questions while opening up a case, please contact your Envoy Customer Relationship Manager or Account Executive.