How do I open a case for my employee?

From your Visa Organizer, click on the drop-down arrow next to the “+Add a New Employee” button.  This will give you the option to either add an employee or create a case.

Once you click “Create a Case”, you will be prompted to select a current employee or add a new one. You can invite new employees to join the account at this time.

Next, you can choose if you would like to start a new visa application or track the expiration date of an existing visa.

If you start a new application, you’ll be able to select the visa type from a list. (If you’re not sure what type of visa is needed, post to your Communication page for guidance.)

After choosing a visa type, follow the prompts to open the case.  If your employee will be paying for any part of the application, you will be able to delegate fees to the employee before opening the case.

Once the case is opened, be sure to fill out the questionnaire as soon as possible so the attorneys can start working on the case.

If you have any questions while opening up a case, please contact your Account Executive or Customer Relationship Manager.