How do I distribute charges to an employee?

If an employee will be responsible to pay for charges associated with a case, you can take these steps to assign charges to him or her:

  1. If the case isn’t open yet, you will have the option of distributing charges as you open it.  You can select “The employee will pay some or all fees associated with this case.”  When you continue, you will see the charges as line items on the next page, and you can choose how much you would like your employee to pay.  If the employee is responsible for the whole bill, you can click “Distribute All Charges.”
  2. If the case is open, click on “Billing & Payments” in the left sidebar of the dashboard. Use the arrow on the right to expand the bill you’d like to view.  You will see a tag icon next to any charge that can be distributed to the employee.  You can distribute charges individually or choose to distribute all charges for a particular case at once by clicking “Distribute All Charges.”

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