How do I create a PERM or Job Order account?

PERM Account

In order for Global Immigration Associates to be able to file ETA Form 9089 (PERM Labor Certification), you will need to create an online PERM user account for them to use. If you do not already have an account, please create one at: Once you have received your temporary login (this may take a few days if the DOL needs to verify your company), you must log into the PERM site again to create a permanent password. Then you’ll be able to create a user account for the law firm. To create a sub-account for Global Immigration Associates, log in and select the “User Accounts” tab, then click “Search” the “Add New User” button. You can enter the following Global Immigration Associates attorney in the name section: Ryan Bay.

The law firm’s address is:

230 W. Monroe St.
Suite 2800
Chicago, IL 60606

Phone number: 312-722-6300
Fax number: 312-527-1214

For the sub-account user type, please select “Lawyer” and use as the email address. You can create any username you would like. The PERM system will create a temporary password and email it to the law firm. For Security Access, make sure “Edit Applications,” “Add/Reuse Applications,” and “Withdraw Applications” are checked. (The law firm does not need to have access to your User Accounts or Employer Data.)

Once GIA receives an email from the DOL with login information, they will mark this document complete in the green card document list.


Job Order Account

As part of recruitment, a job order must be placed by the State Workforce Agency (“SWA”) serving the state of intended employment for 30 days. GIA needs your company account login information in order to post Job Orders on your behalf. A different account is used for each state. If you need to create an account, please go to and select the state in which the employee will work (not necessarily the state in which the company headquarters are located).

Once you have created an account, please post the user name and password to your divisional Communication page. This will allow GIA to log in and place the job order when it is time to do so.