How can I add Premium Processing to an employee’s case?

When creating a case:  If Premium Processing is an option, you’ll see it appear as an add-on when opening a case. Turn Premium Processing on by clicking the toggle button.

If a case is already opened: Select the employee’s case from the Visa Organizer. When you click into the case, you will find a link to the possible add-ons at the bottom right. Here you will have the option to toggle on Premium Processing.

If a case is already sent to the government: If a case is already in “Sent” status but you would like to add Premium Processing, navigate to the possible add-ons. After toggling on Premium Processing, the case will move to “Attorney Review” so the attorneys can prepare the forms to be sent to the government. When the forms are mailed, the case status will change to “Sent” again. Please note that in order to send the Premium Processing upgrade request, the attorneys must have received the Receipt Notice for the application.

If you are unsure if Premium Processing can be added to a case, please post to the attorneys on your Communication page. If you need assistance adding Premium Processing to a case, please contact your Envoy Customer Relationship Manager.