Do you have any tips for using the Communication page of my account?

We sure do!

Posting Confidential Messages

Do you want to post a message that can only be seen by other HR users? Messages are generally private by default–you’ll see that the checkbox for “this post is confidential” will be checked for most posts, indicating that your employee cannot see the post. Once posted, the padlock icon indicates that a message is confidential.

Viewing Employee Posts

HR users can view all communication between employee users and the law firm. Use the filter to show communication from a specific employee.

Categorizing Messages

When posting to your Communication page, you have the ability to categorize posts for easy reference.  You can then filter to quickly find messages.

If you would like to add a comment to a post you already submitted, you can use the “Comment” button to leave an additional message.  You can also comment on a reply from the attorneys!

Marking Messages as “Favorite”

You can also “favorite” posts by clicking the star icon.

Note: the Communication page should be used for legal questions. For non-legal questions, please contact your Account Executive or Customer Relationship Manager.