Envoy's Immigration Services for China

For companies sending employees to work in China, Envoy’s global team can help determine which visa or work permit is needed, what documents are required and track and manage all deadlines and case statuses. Whether the employees are traveling for business, working in China full time or require any other type of visa, we’re here to help navigate the process.

Types of Visas and Work Permits

  • M Visa Business Visitor 
  • Z Visa Work Visa 
  • A-Level Permit 
  • B-Level Permit 
  • C-Level Permit 

Processes and requirements vary. To learn more about the different types of Chinese visas and work permits, and to see which one is the best fit for your employees, click below to download our China fact sheet.

Working in China

A visa is required for anyone who intends to travel to China for work or business visitor purposes. The type of activity an employee will be doing in China helps determine what type of visa is needed.

A Chinese work visa must be applied for and secured from an embassy from the foreign national’s home country. A work visa allows a foreign national to enter China with the intention of working, but it does not allow a foreign national to actually work in China. To work within the country, employers can file a work permit application on behalf of an employee after the employee has entered China with their work visa.

Because visas must be applied for and accepted before entering the country and work permits must be applied for after entering the country, keeping information and documents organized is very important.

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