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Sales: 312-922-9035 | Service: 312-964-6499

An Effortless Immigration Process

Envoy's simple approach to sponsoring and managing work visas in the United States and overseas, enabled by our technology, results in the easiest immigration experience for you and your employees.

Unparalleled command of your immigration data

  • For a company that’s growing as quickly as Grubhub is, the traditional law firm model just doesn’t work. Grubhub has doubled in size over the course of the last three years, and when you’re experiencing that kind of growth, you need an immigration solution that can operate effectively at scale.

    Will Smith
    Senior Technology Recruiter, GrubHub

  • The telescopic ability to zoom in and zoom out offers the right data insight for different levels of the audience. I can zoom into one case and zoom out to see all of my sponsored employees, enabling leadership to easily plan and forecast.

    Jason Sharpe
    Head of Global Operations, FiftyThree

  • With Envoy, everything in the questionnaire – all the documents needed – are laid out, making it easy for me to communicate that to the hiring manager and for the employees to get them in quickly.

    John Pichay
    HR Generalist, Segment

  • [The Communication Center] keeps our foreign nationals happy, tends to their needs and gives accurate, on-time information, especially in the ever-evolving world that we’re in right now.

    Preston Taylor

    Cars dot com
  • Any law firm can do the case work, but the platform, the case management tools, really enable us to be successful.
    This really sets Envoy apart.

    Amy Gulati
    HR Operations Manager, CVENT


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Our technology creates efficiencies throughout the entire immigration process, allowing us to dedicate layers of expert service and support for you and your employees.
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Companies using Envoy enjoy the most effortless immigration and global workforce management process through a growing list of service offerings and solutions.
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