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World-ready is hiring the best talent across the globe; mobilizing them to pursue business opportunities; and managing them, with a strategic, proactive view into workforce and financial forecasting and compliance.

The Reality of Today’s Employer

2.4 million

STEM jobs unfilled in the U.S. by 2018 1


of businesses site the skills gap as the number one reason they hire foreign nationals 3


shortage of engineers by 2020 2


say sourcing foreign nationals is important to their hiring strategy 3

1 Smithsonian Science Education Center; 2 Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte; 3 Immigration Trends Survey

World-Ready Workforces in Action

Envoy offers the only enterprise platform that makes it seamless for companies to hire and manage a global workforce — from applying for work permits and visa sponsorships, to mobilizing and retaining international employees.

Immigration Helps Denmark-Based Software Provider SimCorp Corner North American Market

“In order for us to operate as a truly global business, it’s important that our talent is able to seamlessly mobilize cross-border.”— Ashley Perez, HR consultant at SimCorp

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How Asurion Mastered the Immigration Process from the Inside Out

“What drives me is the desire to get the right skillset for the company and do everything possible to make this an easy process for the associate.” — Jo Ann Rainwater, senior HR generalist at Asurion

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