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Webinars and Events

We believe information is power. Events and webinars are important opportunities for Envoy to share knowledge with HR practitioners and other professionals working within immigration and global mobility.

H-1B Cap Prep Series Part 2: Six Ingredients for Your Best H-1B Cap Petition

Nov. 8
1 PM Central

With April 1, 2019 only a few short months away, it’s time to think about the next step in the H-1B cap process: the petition.

Completing and submitting an H-1B cap petition requires attention to detail and time, which is why it’s beneficial to start thinking about cap petitions sooner rather than later. In Part 2 of our H-1B Cap Prep Series, Global Immigration Associates and Envoy will do a comprehensive look at important ingredients for the best H-1B petition you can put forward.


Understanding the TN Visa and How to Use it to Your Company’s Advantage

Nov. 13
1 PM Central

The United States, Canada and Mexico recently moved toward a new trade agreement to replace NAFTA. The new deal, known as USMCA, maintains the TN visa category.

Since its inception, the TN visa has allowed certain Canadian and

Mexican professionals to work in the U.S. It also serves as an alternative to the popular H-1B. In this free webinar, Global Immigration Associates and Envoy will discuss recent policy updates and the advantages of the TN visa.


Why Global Talent is a Gift: A Discussion with Harvard Professor William Kerr and Envoy CEO Dick Burke

Nov. 15
1 PM Central

By 2030, China and India will account for 50 percent of the world’s college graduates and over 60 percent of the world’s college graduates with STEM degrees. How will U.S. policy respond? How can our corporations and communities succeed in the intensifying competition for global talent? 

Join professor Kerr and Envoy Global CEO, Dick Burke for a lively discussion of global talent, policy, and best-in-class strategies to keep companies and communities competitive now, in 2030 and in 2050.



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