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Webinars and Events

We believe information is power. Events and webinars are important opportunities for Envoy to share knowledge with HR practitioners and other professionals working within immigration and global mobility.

Budgeting for Immigration In The New Year: Forecasting & Reporting

Jan. 16
1 PM Central

Being familiar with and taking ownership of your company’s immigration data will help human resources make informed decisions about budget, hiring needs and more.

Learn how to build a data-driven immigration program.


Two Month Countdown to Brexit: Next Steps for EU Nationals in the U.K.

Jan. 23
10 AM Central

The U.K.’s formal exit from the European Union is now two months away. When the clock strikes midnight on March 29, 2019, the U.K. will officially leave the EU and a transitional period starts.

In this free webinar, Stephanie Lewin from Envoy and Alastair Mason from Smith Stone Walters will provide an update on Brexit.


The Changing Landscape of Immigration In 2019

Jan. 24
1 PM Central

Our previous State of Immigration webinar was met with great feedback and a lot of thoughtful questions. With immigration expected to remain a hot topic in 2019, Envoy wants to make sure you’re armed with the best knowledge and technology to manage your immigration program this year.

Join Envoy and Global Immigration Associates Managing Partner Sara Herbek for an informative webinar that will discuss anticipated immigration trends in 2019.


H-1B Cap Season Refresher: Policy, Petition and Process

Jan. 29
1 PM Central

The H-1B is one of the most highly sought-after visas, and it’s also one of the more complicated to file. For the last five years, H-1B cap-subject petitions were chosen for review via a lottery after the number of H-1B cap petitions filed exceeded the limit of 85,000 within the first five business days in April.

Join Envoy and its affiliated law firm, Global Immigration Associates for an introduction to H-1B cap season.


How Technology Can Help Rapidly Growing Companies Scale Their Immigration Programs

Jan. 31
1 PM Central

2018 was a year of fast and strong growth, particularly for technology companies. Their ability to rapidly scale to meet increasing demand also means they’re increasingly hiring foreign talent.

But not all immigration service providers may be able to meet the needs of a rapidly growing company. Join us for a live webinar to learn about the benefits of immigration technology and how it can scale with your company.



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