Residence Permits for Any Destination.


A residence permit is a form of authorization allowing an individual to legally reside in a country.

Key Takeaway

Ideal for permanent transfers or assignments where there is no established end date.

Proper Usage

A residence permit is required only in certain countries and provides the holder with authorization to stay and/or reside in the country for a specific time frame (called a validity period).

It does not always coincide with the validity of the individual’s work permit.

Residence permits are also often issued to dependent family members who may not separately hold any sort of work authorization.

Special Considerations

Residence permits vary widely by jurisdiction and many times are only required when a traveler’s stay exceeds a specific amount of time — often six months. If the travel is less than six months, the individual may reside and work on the basis of his or her work permit and visa.

These days, countries often combine work and residence authorization into a residence card, which links the expiration of the residence to the work authorization duration. However, this does not occur in every jurisdiction. For example, in some countries the date on the residence card is the last lawful date of presence in the local jurisdiction but the corresponding work permit may have expired up to six months prior. Thus, working with your global immigration provider to understand and keep track of dates is extremely important to remain compliant.

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