Entry Visas for Any Destination.


An entry visa is a stamp in a passport granting permission to enter a country.

Key Takeaway

It alerts foreign officials that the individual is entering the country in a work authorized capacity.

Proper Usage

Many countries require that a foreign national desiring to enter the country first apply for authorization to enter with a visa stamp. This application can occur in concert with many related applications, including applications for employment.

Generally, an entry visa is applied for and issued in connection with a work permit application.

Special Considerations

The United Kingdom, China, Japan and Brazil are just a few examples of countries that require applicants to obtain a specific visa based on their in-country work permit approval in advance of traveling to another country.

However, there are some exceptions. In select cases, your employee may be eligible to travel to the destination country as a visitor, either with a business visa or visa-free through the waiver program. In these cases, the employee may be eligible to apply for work authorization after entry, although he or she will generally not be authorized to work while the application is pending.

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