Essential Sourcing and Screening Guide to Hiring a Foreign National

For a talent acquisition strategy that delivers those hard-to-fill roles, think global.
In Hiring a Foreign National Employee: Essential Sourcing and Screening Guide, written by HR author, speaker and consultant Laurie Ruettimann, we asked five leading HR influencers how to create a talent acquisition strategy that will help you source and screen the best global talent.

Tim Sackett, Jennifer McClure, Pete Radloff, Carmen Hudson and Jennifer Davis provide tactical insight and advice on how recruit skilled international talent.

The e-book answers:

  • How do you source a robust talent pool?
  • How do you write job descriptions that appeal to foreign nationals?
  • What are the best ways to vet international applicants?
  • Does your company’s culture appeal to international workers?
  • How do you gain buy-in from your executive team on foreign national recruitment?
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