Best Compliance Practices Webinar

best compliance practices

Hefty penalty fines are just one consequence of failing to properly comply with immigration laws. Most organizations put forth good efforts to meet USCIS requirements, yet each year unintentionally commit common infractions. What’s the long-term impact? An inability to secure visas for your company and disruptions to business practices, to name a couple.

This doesn’t have to be your organization’s fate. Attend Best Compliance Practices: The Ultimate Global Immigration Safeguard Toolkit webinar and learn how to protect your company against a potential audit. The webinar highlights:

  • Important terminology
  • High profile compliance failures in the news
  • How to protect against potential PERM audits and site visits
  • Fee schedules and visa-specific regulations

Watch the Webinar here.

Sarah Maxwell, Head of Global Immigration at Envoy


Sarah Maxwell

Sarah Maxwell, a licensed attorney, is the head of global immigration at Envoy. Her experience includes handling corporate and employment-based immigration law, particularly in developing and executing global immigration policies for Fortune 500 companies. She has counseled multinational corporations on the movement of personnel across the globe and facilitated the assignment of expatriates to the EMEA and APAC regions, as well as the Americas. She also has provided training, functional direction and insight to recruiters and hiring managers to help them transfer personnel at the global level.

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