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Understanding the L-1 Visa Program Webinar

Attend our L-1 Visa webinar on Thursday, April 13th, and learn how to navigate the nuances of the L-1 Visa program and discuss potential legislation that could affect your employees. Our Envoy-affiliated attorney will explore the following: Eligibility and qualifying organization requirements Best practices when filing Current trends and how proposed policy could impact your company

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Guide to Creating a Company Immigration Policy

Due to the talent shortage, many companies are experiences similar troubles. However, having a clear immigration sponsorship policy in place can help change that. The 5-Step How-To Guide for Creating a Company Immigration Policy is a strategic approach to global workforce management. THE HOW-TO GUIDE FEATURES: An overview of the most common work visa and

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Best Compliance Practices Webinar

Hefty penalty fines are just one consequence of failing to properly comply with immigration laws. Most organizations put forth good efforts to meet USCIS requirements, yet each year unintentionally commit common infractions. What’s the long-term impact? An inability to secure visas for your company and disruptions to business practices, to name a couple. This doesn’t

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Immigration Glossary of Terms and Definitions

The U.S. immigration system is a great resource for employers recruiting skilled workers from around the world. To help you understand how the process works, we’ve created the Envoy Immigration Glossary to define and explain common immigration words and phrases — especially as they apply to your foreign national employees and prospects. Get the Immigration

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Immigration Trends 2017 Infographic

The Envoy Immigration Trends 2017 report examines the present and future state of global immigration at organizations across industries. We asked employers about the challenges they’re facing, the resources available for their needs, and how they’re structuring their immigration functions in order to succeed in an evolving global talent marketplace. Here are the highlights. Get

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