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ISF Fuels Growth With Efficient Immigration Practices

Management consulting and information technology (IT) firm ISF has served Florida-based businesses for more than 35 years. In its early years, the company specialized in providing software solutions to healthcare and logistical enterprises, but has since expanded to service seven state governmental agencies. ISF fulfills its mission of helping businesses increase productivity through delivering quality

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After failed visa attempt, Mandarin Communications Group sponsors successful petition with Envoy

At 2 million strong, Chinese nationals comprise the third-largest foreign-born group in the United States. Dedicated to serving the professional and personal needs of this infl uential community is Mandarin Communications Group (MCG), a Chinese-focused marketing and media company. While locally born Chinese Americans make up a large portion of MCG’s workforce, the company also

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Epsten Group’s Eleventh-Hour H-1B Petition is Approved With Envoy

As a global leader in sustainable building practices, Atlanta-based Epsten Group has assessed more than 8,500 high-performance structures in more than 50 countries. The architecture and building firm has 25 years of experience delivering design and consulting services to clients globally – but when it came to building its team back home, the company found

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Centro: Smart tech company finds kin in immigration services provider Envoy

The advertising world has experienced a shift. Marketers want to see their budgets in action through smart automation, analytics and creative campaigns powered by technology. Centro makes this possible. Since its inception in 2001, the digital advertising firm has innovated and streamlined the process for organizations through its software. The company’s ability to adapt to

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SimCorp: Immigration Helps Denmark-Based Software Provider Corner North American Market

“We develop and implement SimCorp Dimension, our world-class, front-to-back investment management solution,” says Ashley Perez, an HR consultant at the Copenhagen-based firm. “In order for us to operate as a truly global business, it’s important that our talent is able to seamlessly mobilize cross-border.” With a strong market share in Europe, the tech provider has

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