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TN Visa Requirements: Your Questions Answered

Growing competition for the H-1B visa over the past couple of years has made employers hungry for alternatives to recruiting a global workforce. Enter the TN visa. Created as a part of the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the TN (Treaty NAFTA) visa allows U.S.-based companies to hire certain candidates from Canada and Mexico. While

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Immigration Under President Trump: What We Know So Far

Here is a review of where things stand and what could happen both short and long term. A Little Background There is no denying that immigrants have been an integral part of the technology sector transformation over the past decade, having started more than one-half of the current U.S. start-ups valued at $1 billion or

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I Want to Work in the U.S., But Where Can I Find Visa Jobs?

Sometimes, foreign nationals ask Envoy how we can help them find jobs. While we enable organizations and individuals to more efficiently navigate the immigration process, our focus is on technology and legal services, not job placement. However, we can provide you with a few ideas of where to start your search. Immigrant-specific sites These sites

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7 Ways to Spot Online Immigration Fraud

As any U.S. immigrant already knows, U.S. immigration laws are complex, expansive, and constantly changing. In general, immigrants are at a heightened disadvantage in seeking legal assistance because of their lack of familiarity with U.S. customs, language, and laws. And despite U.S. immigrants’ best efforts to complete the visa process properly, thousands fall victim to

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A Brief History of USCIS

Did you know that USCIS officially took over immigration service duties of the federal government only on March 1, 2003? On that date, USCIS was formed to “enhance the security and improve the efficiency of national immigration services by exclusively focusing on the administration of benefit applications.” (http://www.uscis.gov/about-us/our-history)  In addition to USCIS, you have probably

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