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House votes to add security restrictions to Visa Waiver Program

In an overwhelming majority, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill tightening security restrictions of the Visa Waiver Program. Currently, nationals from 38 countries may travel to the United States for 90 days without obtaining a visa, however, the bill aims to add restrictions to countries deemed “high risk.” Key bill highlights   Travelers

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Entering the US with the Visa Waiver Program

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows citizens of participating countries (there are currently 37, also mapped out here) to travel to the Unites States without a visa if they will be staying for 90 days or less and meet all requirements. Citizens of all other nations wanting to visit the U.S. for tourism must apply

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7 Ways to Spot Online Immigration Fraud

As any U.S. immigrant already knows, U.S. immigration laws are complex, expansive, and constantly changing. In general, immigrants are at a heightened disadvantage in seeking legal assistance because of their lack of familiarity with U.S. customs, language, and laws. And despite U.S. immigrants’ best efforts to complete the visa process properly, thousands fall victim to

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A Brief History of USCIS

Did you know that USCIS officially took over immigration service duties of the federal government only on March 1, 2003? On that date, USCIS was formed to “enhance the security and improve the efficiency of national immigration services by exclusively focusing on the administration of benefit applications.” (http://www.uscis.gov/about-us/our-history)  In addition to USCIS, you have probably

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Visitor Visa: What is the Difference Between B-1 and B-2?

Visitor visas are one of the most popular forms of legal travel authorization. Not sure if you should apply for a B-1 or B-2 visitor visa? It all comes down to what you plan on doing while you’re in the United States. The B-1 Business Visitor Visa If you’re coming to the United States to perform

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