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Immigrant Entrepreneurship is Booming With Billion-Dollar Startups

Immigrant entrepreneurship is booming in the United States. Learn how. Work hard, and you’ll achieve your goals: It’s a narrative fundamental to American culture. But for immigrants, the weight is far greater — often, success is tied to their family’s survival. And this key distinction provides the fuel that has propelled U.S. immigrants to greatness.

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Global Workforce Strategy: Going Global Ain’t What It Used to Be

Global workforce strategies are essential to every modern business. Here’s why. Each week, as part of Envoy’s Global Talent Adviser guest blog series, HR influencers will weigh in on topics of global talent and workforce management and planning. This week, we welcome Charlie Judy, HR consultant and founding partner of WorkXO. Do you remember when

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Global Talent Retention: How to Help Sponsored Employees Succeed in the U.S. Workplace

Global talent retention is explored in-depth to help you reduce attrition of sponsored employees. For HR, managing the U.S. immigration process can be tough — but imagine being a foreign national moving to a new country and settling into a new workplace at the same time. As an HR professional, it’s up to you to develop

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Employer Branding: 7 strategies to develop your employer brand abroad, from Epsilon’s Jennifer Davis

Employer branding expert Jennifer Davis shares her tips for establishing a memorable culture abroad. Finding the right talent for hard-to-fill roles, especially in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) positions, is challenging. That’s why we created the ultimate go-to guide for recruiting foreign talent. In our ebook Hiring a Foreign National Employee: Essential Sourcing and Screening Guide, author,

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Workforce Diversity Efforts Not Working? Here are 4 Signs Your Attempts are Failing

Are your workforce diversity plans not coming to fruition? You’re not alone. Only 1 percent of Facebook, Yahoo and Google tech employees are African American. And even employers supposedly leading the workforce diversity pack aren’t faring much better. According to recent figures compiled by the Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn, which tops the list, still lacks

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