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6 Questions to Ask Before You Find An Immigration Service Provider

The immigration process can seem overwhelming, confusing and time consuming. If your company has never sponsored employees before, the idea of doing so can seem even more intimidating. With so many specific laws and requirements surrounding the immigration process, it is a great idea to seek out an immigration service provider to assist you along

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Proactive Global Talent Sourcing: 3 Lessons for Employers

In the 2017 Envoy Immigration Trends Survey, nearly 70% of employers indicated that they were not proactively seeking out foreign workers to accomplish business objectives. Despite a 21 point rise in the percentage of companies that expect foreign headcount to increase, it’s clear that firms need to take a more strategic approach to seeking, attracting

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Need to Hire the World’s Best Talent? These 25 International Recruiters Can Help

Odds are, the best talent probably isn’t in your backyard. Even if your company is based in a major city or an industry cluster, the perfect candidate might be on the other side of the world. Therefore, you should consider expanding your search beyond your local area, and even beyond the borders of the United

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Urban Myths of Immigration: It’s Not Worth the Effort

Over the years, I’ve often been asked to help organizations with their recruitment challenges. Almost always, these challenges center on hiring qualified, skilled workers, such as engineers and IT professionals. The first question I ask is: “Do you hire candidates who need H-1B visa sponsorship?” The answer is always the same. “No, it’s just too

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Found the perfect candidate? Here are two ways to attract global talent

Far from being reactive, establishing a green card policy or an immigration-related perk package at your company immediately makes you more desirable as an employer for top international talent. In fact, we interviewed 700 visa and green card holders (in partnership with Harris Poll) for our Global Talent Perspectives 2016 report — and their answers will help

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