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What Does Global Mobility Have to do With Retention?

CEOs around the world – at least two-thirds of them, according to PwC’s recent mobility report – believe that talent is likely to be found through internal promotion within the company. There’s a growing understanding that talent development is crucial to retention, and part of that development includes meeting expectations for global talent mobility. Global

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Sponsoring Employees? Watch Out for These Causes of Attrition

Preventing attrition goes hand-in-hand with retention. To find out what would prompt sponsored employees to seek employment at a different company, we asked more than 700 visa and green card holders about their professional experiences and preferences when it comes to working for U.S. employers. The study found that recruiters are most likely to target and

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Tips for Boosting Retention of Your Expat Workforce

Expat employees are a valued resource for your company. As they contribute their skills to your organization, ensure you meet their needs to help retain them for the long haul. In Global Talent Perspectives 2016, a survey VISANOW conducted in partnership with Harris Poll, 700 visa and green card holders told us what it’s really like

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New report: Global Talent Perspectives 2016 dives into the hearts and minds of global talent

Wondering how to acquire and retain top global talent? Envoy’s new report, Global Talent Perspectives 2016, has the answer — sourced from high-skilled international workers themselves. We commissioned Harris Poll to survey more than 700 visa and green card holders (“expats”) about what they value in their employers and what they want for their future. The result?

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How Foreign Nationals Unlock Greater ROI

Filling the skills gap is a well-known benefit of hiring foreign nationals. But international workers contribute more than their education and skill set – their unique perspectives can offer the companies they work for a competitive advantage in the global market. In fact, McKinsey & Company showed in its January 2015 study that companies with

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