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International Assignment Planning: What to Consider Before & After the Trip

International assignments are a great performance development tool. Rather than relegating your employees to their current position, international assignments offers them the opportunity to explore a new culture and learn from different teams.

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Global Workforce Management: Characteristics of an Effective Program

Global workforce management is possible with a strategic, proactive view into compliance, workforce and financial forecasting. But that’s only the tactical approach.

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HR Technology: How to Get Executive Buy-In

HR technology is ubiquitous these days, but that doesn’t mean getting buy-in for a new type is easy. As an HR manager, you wear many hats, including guidance counselor, accountant and recruiter. This presents an opportunity for you to design your employees’ workplace experience. No two companies are completely alike – which means that no

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Global Workers: 3 Tips for Successful Onboarding

Global workers need a unique onboarding process because their transition into your workplace is different than other, local workers. In the United States, when you receive a job offer, you accept it, put in notice at your current company and start the new job within a few weeks. But if you’re a foreign-born worker pursuing

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Expatriate Workers: How to Create the Ideal Employee Experience

Expatriate workers are a valued portion of the global workforce. Ensure they’re onboarded correctly with these tips. While visa and green card holders are often eager to join the U.S. workforce, many face hurdles. The antiquated U.S. immigration system is notorious for its arduously slow application process, and being separated from loved ones back home

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