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U.S. Immigration Changes: What You Need to Know

Immigration has been a topic at the top of many minds for a long time and continues to play a large part of the national conversation. Since the current administration has been on the campaign trail, U.S. immigration changes seemed imminent. Now, and since the beginning of 2017, we’ve seen executive orders such as “Buy

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Speak Out in Support of the H-1B Visa Program 

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the administration’s plans for immigration, one thing remains certain – immigrants make our country, our world and our companies better.  As concern from our customers and their foreign national employees escalates, we want to promote a message of support and advocacy. We are launching a campaign promoting the importance

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TN Visa Benefits: Hiring Global Talent Through NAFTA

The TN visa is a product of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between the United States, Canada and Mexico. The TN visa allows U.S.-based companies to hire certain Canadian and Mexican citizens who can come to the U.S. for employment. There are quite a few TN visa benefits, which is why it’s one

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USCIS Publishes Data on H-1B Petitioners

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently published a series of datasets listing every U.S. employer that has been approved for H-1B petitions within the past two years and how many petitions were awarded to these H-1B petitioners. Most of this information is already public record, but as of July 28, 2017, USCIS has

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Trump Administration Announces Support of The Raise Act

Stephen Miller, a White House advisor, announced on Wednesday the Trump administration’s support of the Raise Act, proposed legislation that would reduce legal immigration in the United States. The bill, if passed, would reduce the number of non-employment based green cards issued and, for some, limit the benefits associated with green card status. Preference for

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Immigration Audit: How to Prepare Your Company for a Site Visit

An immigration audit at a company that has employees with H-1B and L-1 status, especially with multiple visa holders, is likely to catch the attention of the USCIS, as it recently announced its intention to take “a more targeted approach” when it comes to corporate site visits. Quite simply, this means that companies should have a corporate

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Be Prepared: Your USCIS Site Visit Checklist

Earlier this year, USCIS announced its intention to become even more scrupulous with its site visits to existing visa holders. The objective was to focus more attention on employers petitioning for off-site H-1B workers and employers with a high H-1B worker to U.S. worker ratio. With immigration audits top of mind in the government, employers

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Green Card Sponsorship as a Tool to Attract Talent

The benefits of a global workforce are irrefutable and using immigration-related perks like green card sponsorship can go a long way. Yes, finding the best talent often means expanding the size of the talent pool, but thinking globally also helps increase your organization’s relevancy. And, to be relevant, you need to be able to offer

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Think Globally Starting With Immigration – a DisruptHR talk by Jamie Gilpin

Jamie Gilpin of Envoy talks about how staying competitive means companies need to truly consider immigration as part of their hiring strategy. She offers an inroad to one of the biggest issues for HR: getting a seat at the leadership table. That inroad is corporate immigration. With a shortage of homegrown talent facing companies in

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Capitalize on Illinois 2017 Event Recap

Last week, over 200 C-Level IT executives gathered together to celebrate the importance of mentoring and the positive effects IT leaders have in developing future IT and community leaders at the annual Capitalize on Illinois Conference hosted by i.c.stars. This year’s Capitalize Illinois conference focused on the impact immigration has on global workforces, businesses and

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