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At a Fork in the Road: Immigration Policy vs. Business Trends

In 2017, immigration has become a divisive issue. And yes, there are partisan politics involved in that division, but there has been another noticeable split coming to a head. When it comes to immigration – not just in America, but in other countries across the world as well – a schism between politics and business

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What are the Benefits of the J-1 Visa Program?

The J-1 Cultural Exchange visitor program is most popular for young people to want to come into the U.S. to work as temporary or summer workers. The benefits of the J-1 visa type are crucial for tourism in many locations around the U.S. that rely on the part-time work of J-1 employees to get through

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8 Amazing Inventions by Immigrants

Inventions by immigrants have pervaded nearly every aspect of American culture. People who have hailed from foreign places have introduced so many new ideas and products to the U.S. – big and small – throughout history. And they continue to do so today. Many of these ideas have helped shaped American life as we know

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International Students in the U.S.: What the Numbers Tell Us

The numbers are in. There are more international students in U.S. graduate programs than American students, according to a recent report by the New York Times. An example used in the report showed that 80 percent of undergrads at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and 80 percent of graduate students there are from other countries.

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Where Would We Be without Blue Jeans in America?

Throughout their lifetime, blue jeans in America have become a sort of national symbol of popular culture. The origin story behind jeans is also a symbolic representation of United States’ culture. Blue jeans as we know them were invented, developed and made famous by a pair of enterprising immigrants. Blue jeans in America Levi Strauss

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The History of the Doughnut in America

The history of the doughnut is one widely debated by pastry historians across the world. But the beloved round cake, deep fried and topped with glaze, chocolate, sprinkles (or nothing at all) has become a culinary representation of Americanness. It’s an affordable treat that most Americans can afford – democratic in its distribution. At the

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#ImmigrationMatters: Why The Tech Sector Needs Immigrants 

Greg Fullerton’s first experience with immigration was in Japan. He spent four years working there as a English instructor, and the immigration process was complicated, he told us when we sat down to talk with him about why immigration matters. To get his work visa in Japan, he had to have a sponsor and visit

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NAFTA Negotiations Leading to Immigration Uncertainty

As NAFTA negotiations continue, the future of the TN visa and potential economic implications of the U.S. backing out remain uncertain. NAFTA Negotiations and the U.S. In the U.S., immigrants improve the bottom line, as demonstrated in our Immigration Trends Report, by increasing innovation, helping close the skills gap and expanding the diversity of knowledge

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Global Immigration Trends, Trials and Tips for HR

Global immigration trends are shifting the landscape of today’s workforce. The labor shortage, for a start, is a worldwide issue. Across the globe, 40 percent of employers report having difficulty filling jobs within their companies and 42 percent say that a shortage in talent impacts their ability to serve clients, according to PwC’s annual survey.

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U.S. Immigration Changes: What You Need to Know

Immigration has been a topic at the top of many minds for a long time and continues to play a large part of the national conversation. Since the current administration has been on the campaign trail, U.S. immigration changes seemed imminent. Now, and since the beginning of 2017, we’ve seen executive orders such as “Buy

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