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Successfully Navigating the L-1 Visa

The L-1 visa is one of the best resources a global company can access in the United States. It has the potential to be a gateway to a growing workforce. It can allow you to expand the reach of your specialized employees. It’s truly powerful. But, it can be a bit complicated. To parse through

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Is the L-1 Visa Right for Your Business? It Might Be.

Of all the visa types in existence today, the L-1 is increasing in popularity and continues to make headlines. Why? The L-1 visa is a globalizing tool for employers looking to move personnel to the United States. If used in the right way – with strict adherence to compliance – it can help grow your

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Global Talent Acquisition a Necessity, Not an Option

In the second annual Immigration Trends Report, we uncovered some critically important findings that impact global employers when it comes to hiring and managing the complex immigration process. Dick Burke, Envoy’s Chief Executive Officer, recently spoke with Todd Schnick and Rayanne Thorne of Intrepid HR to discuss these findings and the overall current state of

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Proactive Global Talent Sourcing: 3 Lessons for Employers

In the 2017 Envoy Immigration Trends Survey, nearly 70% of employers indicated that they were not proactively seeking out foreign workers to accomplish business objectives. Despite a 21 point rise in the percentage of companies that expect foreign headcount to increase, it’s clear that firms need to take a more strategic approach to seeking, attracting

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An Inside Look at the Dire Need for Technical Talent

As the talent shortage continues to grow, companies need to focus more on growing a global workforce. Fletcher Wimbush, Chief Hiring Guru at The Hire Talent, has seen it all. Yet, after more than ten years evaluating employee skills, placing candidates in high-level positions and coaching businesses on top hiring practices, even Wimbush is flummoxed by

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