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H-1B Status Change: How to Stay Compliant

The H-1B visa is job-specific, which means whenever there is a significant change for a sponsored employee – including a change of worksite location, salary, title or duties – an amended H-1B petition might be required. Failure to file an amended petition could result in the employee’s visa being revoked and acceptance of future H-1B

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Public Access Files to LCAs: Your Top Compliance Questions Answered

How long do I need do keep public access files? What do I do with an LCA? Do these questions sound familiar? They probably do if you’re an HR practitioner dealing with your organization’s immigration. With immigration law enforcement ramping up for employers of H-1B visa holders, it’s important to have everything lined up and

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H-4 Visa: Requirements and Proposed Policy Changes

It’s clear that immigration is and will continue to be one of the main focuses of the current administration’s policy. And while the H-1B visa has been in the news a lot recently, another visa directly related to the H-1B is also facing some changes that could affect your workforce: the H-4 visa. What is

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Form I-9 Compliance and the Importance of Self-Audits

Immigration compliance is a complicated and nuanced issue with vast requirements for employers to follow and understand. And immigration compliance and regulations are not specific to large international organizations only. Companies that operate within the United States must verify each employee’s identification through Form I-9. What is the Form I-9? Anyone who has ever held

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Work Permits and Business Travel Requirements

Short-term business travel and understanding which work permits to obtain can be a gray area for global companies. It’s no wonder 33 percent of businesses said that understanding the difference between simple business travel and work permit-required travel was their biggest compliance challenge. That’s what we discovered when we asked 442 HR professionals and hiring

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