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Proactive Global Talent Sourcing: 3 Lessons for Employers

In the 2017 Envoy Immigration Trends Survey, nearly 70% of employers indicated that they were not proactively seeking out foreign workers to accomplish business objectives. Despite a 21 point rise in the percentage of companies that expect foreign headcount to increase, it’s clear that firms need to take a more strategic approach to seeking, attracting

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An Inside Look at the Dire Need for Technical Talent

As the talent shortage continues to grow, companies need to focus more on growing a global workforce. Fletcher Wimbush, Chief Hiring Guru at The Hire Talent, has seen it all. Yet, after more than ten years evaluating employee skills, placing candidates in high-level positions and coaching businesses on top hiring practices, even Wimbush is flummoxed by

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Employers Plan to Hire More Foreign Nationals Despite Political Uncertainty

Envoy survey reveals anticipated changes to U.S. immigration and trade policies aren’t curbing employers’ plans to hire and mobilize global workforces CHICAGO, Feb. 14, 2017 — Fifty-five percent of employers expect their foreign national headcount to increase during the next year, a 21 percent increase from 2016, according to the Second Annual Envoy Immigration Trends

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Envoy Joins Support Team to #LetNazIn

When 29-year-old Nazanin Zinouri, nicknamed “Naz,” left her South Carolina home to visit her mother and sister in Tehran, she had no idea that she’d fall smack in the middle of President Trump’s immigration controversy upon her attempted return to the U.S.  While it was no secret that Trump walked a hard line when it

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Federal Appeals Court Maintains Suspension of Travel Ban

A federal appeals court ruled unanimously against the travel ban maintaining the halt on President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration. The ruling, issued by three judges on the ninth circuit court of appeals, allows entry of citizens and refugees from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen into the U.S. “The Government does not

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