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Think Your Immigration Services Provider is Secure? Think Again.

Barely a day passes without news of an email leak (remember former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email issues? Of course you do.), security breach or denial of service attack. Human resources plays a vital role in ensuring company and employee information isn’t vulnerable to attacks. However, when dealing with immigration, company financial performance,

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HR Southwest Conference Recap

We had a great time at the HRSouthwest Conference. And we took some great photos of all the fun we had at our booth. Can you find yours among the bunch? Feel free to download and share them with your friends and on your social media channels using #EnvoyLive.   The Envoy Difference You don’t

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The social HR series: building your social media strategy

We’re going to let you in on a huge secret: There is a talent shortage in the United States – and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Surprised? Probably not. With the explosive growth in technology and automation as well as the fast rate of retirement of the baby-boomer generation, many companies

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Protect your Personal or Employee’s Immigration Data

It is difficult to imagine an activity that involves disclosing more personal information to more people than applying for a visa. Your recent addresses, employment history, financial compensation, social security number and dependent names are just some examples of information certain visas require.  While the visa application process requires this information, corporations and individuals are

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What’s New With Envoy 3.0: Documents Get More Visible

Our team is dedicated to improving our platform at every chance while keeping you in the loop of what’s changed. Check out all our improvements and fixes in our November release notes from the Envoy product and development teams. What’s New Last month, we launched a major platform upgrade. Check out Envoy 3.0 here. What’s Improved A major improvement

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