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TN Visa Requirements: Your Questions Answered

Growing competition for the H-1B visa over the past couple of years has made employers hungry for alternatives to recruiting a global workforce. Enter the TN visa. Created as a part of the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the TN (Treaty NAFTA) visa allows U.S.-based companies to hire certain candidates from Canada and Mexico. While

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Green Card Sponsorship: Leverage Your Immigration Policy to Attract Talent

The benefits of a global workforce are irrefutable and using immigration-related perks like green card sponsorship can go a long way. Yes, finding the best talent often means expanding the size of the talent pool, but thinking globally also helps increase your organization’s relevancy. And, to be relevant, you need to be able to offer

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What Is the Value of a Globally Diverse Workforce?

Staying relevant may seem easy, but only if you’re thinking too small. In a world that’s mobile, dynamic and constantly connected, organizations should be broadening their globally diverse workforce. That’s the position Charlie Judy thinks all businesses should take. Judy is a founding partner of WorkXO, a tech platform that helps organizations align their work

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Visa Application Questions Updated, Says U.S. State Department

The U.S. State Department has released new visa application questions for certain foreign nationals applying for a visa at a U.S. consulate. These new questions will be administered only to those applicants who are considered by the consulate to pose heightened security concerns. Those visa applicants who are flagged for security reasons might be asked

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Passport: 4 Ways to Get Yours and Why You Should Apply Today

As Americans, our culture oftentimes exhibits an unrealistic need for instant gratification. We want our deliverables, whether online or in the service industry, to be faster, easier, smarter and convenient. We have become accustomed to immediate feedback and delivery, all while eroding our ability to be patient. This reality is bound to cause a lot

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