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Orchard is Building the Diverse Workforce of the Future

Orchard is the leading provider of data, technology and software to the online lending industry. Not only were they named to Forbes Next Billion Dollar Startups list, but they are blazing the trail of diversity for the Fintech industry overall. I haven’t noticed too many companies, let alone in the financial industry, writing about workforce

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5 HR software tools that provide customer support as good as the tech itself

Nowadays, most human resources professionals use automation technology to accomplish their daily to-dos quickly and easily. But some HR departments worry that adopting new technology will mean automation replaces personalization — or worse, that customer support will be reduced to a robot on the other end of the line.

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Envoy Joins Support Team to #LetNazIn

When 29-year-old Nazanin Zinouri, nicknamed “Naz,” left her South Carolina home to visit her mother and sister in Tehran, she had no idea that she’d fall smack in the middle of President Trump’s immigration controversy upon her attempted return to the U.S.  While it was no secret that Trump walked a hard line when it

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VISANOW is Now Envoy, Here’s Why

Nearly 20 years ago, VISANOW was founded to simplify and expedite the arduous immigration process. As the HR industry and global talent marketplace have evolved, we consistently hear from our customers that they’re seeking an end-to-end global workforce management solution so that they can take advantage of opportunities — wherever they beckon. Our new platform was just

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Global Workforce Management: Characteristics of an Effective Program

Global workforce management is possible with a strategic, proactive view into compliance, workforce and financial forecasting. But that’s only the tactical approach.

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Global Workforce Strategy: Going Global Ain’t What It Used to Be

Global workforce strategies are essential to every modern business. Here’s why. Each week, as part of Envoy’s Global Talent Adviser guest blog series, HR influencers will weigh in on topics of global talent and workforce management and planning. This week, we welcome Charlie Judy, HR consultant and founding partner of WorkXO. Do you remember when

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Workforce Diversity Efforts Not Working? Here are 4 Signs Your Attempts are Failing

Are your workforce diversity plans not coming to fruition? You’re not alone. Only 1 percent of Facebook, Yahoo and Google tech employees are African American. And even employers supposedly leading the workforce diversity pack aren’t faring much better. According to recent figures compiled by the Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn, which tops the list, still lacks

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Global Workers: 3 Tips for Successful Onboarding

Global workers need a unique onboarding process because their transition into your workplace is different than other, local workers. In the United States, when you receive a job offer, you accept it, put in notice at your current company and start the new job within a few weeks. But if you’re a foreign-born worker pursuing

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