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The Beginner’s Guide to Immigration Webinar

Webinar: September 21, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. CT Join Envoy’s Chief Marketing Officer and Workforce Trends Analyst, Jamie Gilpin and Global Immigration Associates attorney, Amanda Bolhuis, as they help you understand the requirements for different types of U.S. work visas available and alleviate some of the guesswork out of the process. You’ll learn: The difference

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Epsten Group’s Eleventh-Hour H-1B Petition is Approved With Envoy

As a global leader in sustainable building practices, Atlanta-based Epsten Group has assessed more than 8,500 high-performance structures in more than 50 countries. The architecture and building firm has 25 years of experience delivering design and consulting services to clients globally – but when it came to building its team back home, the company found

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First-time Immigration Practitioner Masters the Application Process With Partner Envoy

Bethune-Cookman University is no stranger to change. Founded as Cookman Institute in 1872, the historically black college has come a long way, achieving its university status in 2007. Through its multiple iterations of expansion, Bethune-Cookman has relied on talent to foster the learning of its continually growing crop of students. “We are a small research

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Immigration Compliance Guide

Immigration compliance is one of the most complicated, and often overlooked, parts of running an international organization. But, as the government moves to increase its focus on visa programs and immigration enforcement, companies must be prepared. Download our guide today, “Best Practices for Talent Mobility and Global Immigration” and learn how to: Manage your global workforce compliantly

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Maintaining Immigration Compliance for Your Organization

Immigration compliance can often be confusing and difficult to stay on top of, especially when you have other HR duties to worry about. However, if your organization does not keep accurate records for all sponsored employees,  you may be at risk for fines, penalties and more. Why Immigration Compliance Matters Watch our webinar, On the

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After The H-1B Cap: Alternative Visa Options and Strategies Webinar

Watch our After the H-1B Cap: Alternative Visa Options and Strategies webinar and learn how to navigate the all-too confusing immigration landscape and shed some much-needed insight into which option may be right for you. Envoy-affiliated attorney, Stephanie Wedel, will explore the following: Alternative visa options for employing foreign workers Eligibility and qualifying organization and

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Immigration Horror Stories E-Book

Sluggish, antiquated government processes. Human error. Miscommunication. Missed deadlines. Lost documents. Confusing rules. Does this describe your immigration process? Unfortunately, it can get worse. Download our Immigration Horror Stories and find out what happens when: An attorney neglects his paperwork A small oversight becomes a big problem A slow, disorganized process has consequences And learn

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The ABCs of Immigration

To help you understand the requirements for each type, we’ve created The ABCs of Immigration: The HR Guide to U.S. Immigration Visas and Green Cards a comprehensive overview of seven U.S. work visa types, as well as employment-based green cards. The important details of each visa and green card category are covered in this guide,

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Best Compliance Practices Webinar

Hefty penalty fines are just one consequence of failing to properly comply with immigration laws. Most organizations put forth good efforts to meet USCIS requirements, yet each year unintentionally commit common infractions. What’s the long-term impact? An inability to secure visas for your company and disruptions to business practices, to name a couple. This doesn’t

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Immigration Glossary of Terms and Definitions

The U.S. immigration system is a great resource for employers recruiting skilled workers from around the world. To help you understand how the process works, we’ve created the Envoy Immigration Glossary to define and explain common immigration words and phrases — especially as they apply to your foreign national employees and prospects. Get the Immigration

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