Immigrant Workers: 5 Stats Proving Their Value in the Workplace

  • Immigrant workers have high-education levels.
  • Immigrant workers are trained in STEM fields.
  • Immigrant workers are loyal to companies.
  • Immigrant workers fit in with company culture.

Immigrant workers create tremendous value at organizations. They tend to be highly educated, especially in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. They stay with their employers for an extended period of time — and possess important intangible qualities, too.

To see exactly what they bring to the table, Envoy commissioned a study from Harris Poll, which interviewed more than 700 expats. Here’s what they revealed in Global Talent Perspectives 2016.

1. Immigrant workers have the higher education organizations need to fill skills gaps.

In fact, 60 percent of visa and green card holders have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

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2. Immigrant workers are dominating STEM fields.

In STEM fields, expats are a driving force. Out of the top five fields of study for expats, four of them are in STEM; and in the top 10 fields expats work in, about 60 percent are in STEM.

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3. Immigrant workers are loyal to their companies.

Expats fill critical roles in organizations and they are loyal. Almost half have worked at their current company for three years or more.

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4. Immigrant workers plan on staying with their companies for many years to come.

And they aren’t planning on going anywhere. Forty-two percent plan to work at their organization for at least three years, and 30 percent intend to stay more than five years.

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5. Immigrant workers fit in well with company culture.

Sixty-three percent of expats feel they fit in completely or very well at their company, especially in STEM fields.


So what’s the takeaway? As you continually come up against skills gaps and extended position vacancies, the global talent pool can deliver skills that your organization needs. Expats are often highly educated and experienced, especially in STEM roles that are notoriously difficult to fill. Read the full report here.

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