H-1B Visa Success Story: How FiftyThree Fixed its Broken Immigration Process With Envoy

  • Problem: No standardized immigration process
  • Solution: A true immigration partner
H-1B visa

Designers, engineers and makers comprise the core the team at FiftyThree. The New York-headquartered company was founded in 2011 by four “ex-Microsoft guys.” In the last five years, the tech company launched two flagship products: Paper, an app that allows users to take notes, draw pictures and sketch diagrams in one intuitive tool. And the original Pencil, its award-winning digital stylus, helps creatives express themselves on the go.

Today, FiftyThree has millions of customers worldwide, with a diverse international community. A dedication to great design and engineering have, no doubt, contributed to the company’s quick growth. However, a strong product and loyal customer base can’t keep a company afloat on their own. For FiftyThree Head of Global Operations Jason Sharpe, success also depends on the building blocks of an organization — its employees and how they are empowered to perform at their best.

While still a small business, FiftyThree competes over talent with big players in the industry, such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft. So their approach to talent management is simple: Recruit from all over the world to ensure the highest-skilled people are on their team and keep them happy with fun work and a supportive environment.

Yet, while FiftyThree currently has a growing workforce, previous immigration challenges created a barrier to the recruitment process for employees in need of H-1B visa sponsorship.

“To be completely transparent, our immigration process was non-existent. There was no strategy, the process was completely in disarray.”

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