Starting early gives employees extra confidence

“Our employees like the peace of mind of starting early,” she says. “It helps them feel more confident in the process when they have ample time to source the right documents and ask the attorneys questions.”

Starting H-1B cap season early provided invaluable benefit to their employees. Many are not familiar with the H-1B application requirements, which can generate uncertainty around the process. A comforting and helpful provider makes all the difference in creating welcoming experiences for these new employees.

Starting early provides an extra layer of protection

“Mistakes happen when you are rushing. So this way we ensured everything was done correctly, hopefully mitigating the risk for requests for evidence notices,” Rainwater says. “But even if we do get them, Envoy doesn’t charge us for the attorney work so my costs are fixed and my leadership loves that. Not only that, but I get to refile any cases that don’t make it into the cap next year with no fee from Envoy.* This is a big advantage and why the cap is less of a financial risk for us.”

At the end of the day, Rainwater’s desire is to deliver the right skillset for the company, so she does everything possible to make this an easy process for the incoming employee. “I don’t want to let our foreign nationals down,” she says. If there is anything in my control, I want to take care of it immediately.” As a result, Rainwater leverages her time advantage so her organization and their employees can succeed now and in the future.

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*With Envoy, for petitions initially filed in 2016, those employers may refile H-1B petitions in 2017 if they were not selected for the cap in 2017. This only applies to cases re-filed before Jan 1, 2017.