H-1B Cap Season by the Numbers

  • 236,000 H-1B petitions submitted in FY 2017
  • 233,000 H-1B petitions submitted in FY 2016
  • 172,000 H-1B petitions submitted in FY 2015
H-1B cap

H-1B cap season has been popular in recent years, requiring thousands of unselected petitioners to refile the following season or find a viable alternative. As more U.S. companies rely on foreign national talent to fill highly technical roles, and the H-1B work visa for specialty workers grows more popular, the intensity of competition during the cap season has reached an all-time high.

Read above for a snapshot of cap seasons past, and gain insight into today’s most competitive U.S. work visa for H-1B cap season.

Download a PDF version of the infographic here. For more information, read: A numbers game: the history of the H-1B work visa program.

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