Envoy Senior Product Designer Stephanie Finken Shares What’s New About the Communication Center


It’s exciting times at Envoy. For nearly 20 years, we’ve used technological innovation to remove the complication and stress from the immigration process for employers and their employees. This month, we’ve introduced the latest generation of our online immigration management platform. In this blog series, members of the Envoy tech and product team share what they love most about the new platform and why.

VISANOW Communication Center


Stephanie FinkenSenior Product Designer Stephanie Finken shares why she loves the new Communication Center:

I like when technology solves problems for people, so for me, the first thing that comes to mind is the Communication Center. This is the main point of contact with attorneys for a lot of our customers so it’s an important section of our application and quite frequently used. Through customer research, feedback and interviews we’ve learned of a few main problems our HR and hiring manager customers encountered with the Communication Center.

They found it difficult to determine if they are posting a message in their company’s Communication Center, or if they are posting to an employee’s Communication Center, and found it confusing to navigate between the two places. Another problem we’ve heard is that they’d like to search through all of their messages to find past messages and information about specific visa types in order to avoid asking the same question twice. With the Communication Centers in separate places, searching through messages across their account was impossible.

This redesign solves these problems by centralizing messages within each account and allowing HR customers the ability to choose if they want their employee to be included in a message as they are posting it. This eliminates the need to navigate to that employee’s Communication Center first. We’ve added some filters to help users quickly see messages only about a certain employee, as well as some advanced search options making it easy to find all messages about specific visa types or messages written within a certain time period.

We are very excited to monitor these changes and gather more feedback from our customers to make sure this addresses their needs and to continue to learn how we can improve their experience.