Envoy Engineering Manager Deji Jimoh Shares Why He Loves the Personalization of the Visa Organizer


It’s exciting times at Envoy. For nearly 20 years, we’ve used technological innovation to remove the complication and stress from the immigration process for employers and their employees. This month, we’ve introduced the latest generation of our online immigration management platform. In this blog series, members of the Envoy tech and product team share what they love most about the new platform and why.



Deji Jimoh, Immigrant Heritage MonthEngineering Manager Deji Jimoh shares why he loves the Visa Organizer:

I love how personal it is. With the ability to upload photos of your employees, it helps us remember that these are real people that we strive to help each and every day, not just cases being filed.

The Visa Organizer also helps HR managers focus on what is the most important item they need to know about each employee. There are so many tasks and requirements for each person’s case, and the organizer intelligently attempts to answer the simple question: “What is the status of my case, and what do I need to do next?” In addition, powerful filtering capabilities and a document repository provide users with the tools they need to dig much deeper and manage their case in one location.